Top 10 tips to keep in mind while Redesigning your home

Are you planning to decorate your house interior? Have a lot of confusion about what designs you can go with? Don’t worry; it’s not a difficult task. Below are the ten important tips you should keep in mind when planning to decorate your home. Use them, and you will have a great design plan!

  • Furniture Placement

Furniture placement is important in designing your home. A slight change in the position can disrupt the house’s overall look. For example, keeping a table too close to the sofa will make you feel squeezed or restrict your comfort.

  • Creative Wall Paint

The plain walls look boring. If you want to add some spice to the interior design of your home, wall painting is one of the best options. Creative wall paintings will not only make your wall look beautiful but also change the total aura of the room.

Adding up a wall painting that creatively resembles your life story will make you feel fulfilled and attract everyone’s attention. You can discuss this with your interior designer and plan the best wall painting for your room.

  • Lightings

Lighting plays an important role in making your house look beautiful. A well-lit room looks cleaner and more beautiful. You can also play with your mood by using different lights in the room.

  • Minimal Decor

When it comes to interior design, you can not ignore details. Small minimalist things can have a huge impact on the overall look. A small plant in the center of a coffee table or a beautiful wall hanging on the entrance door may look avoidable, but it takes the design to the next level when it’s added.

  • Place Mirrors

Mirrors can be a game changer in interior design. Placing more mirrors adds to the lighting, increases the room’s depth, and creates an illusion to make your room look bigger. People like to look at themselves. So having a mirror everywhere will make you happy.

  • Fake Heights

If your ceilings are low, you can decorate your interior accordingly to fake the room’s height. It will create an illusion and make your room look bigger and wider.

You can use a small height sofa and coffee tables. Use thin and tall light lamps. A long slim bookshelf that will make you look upward will create a relaxing atmosphere.

  • Creative Windows

Windows cover part of a wall inside a room. Hence it plays a high role in the overall look of the interior design of the house. Therefore, it becomes necessary to design your windows beautifully.

The best way to decorate your windows is by putting up cotton. You must creatively decide the cotton’s colors by comparing it with all furniture, lights, and set up inside the room. This will comprehend and add up to the overall beauty of your house. You can also design the window keeping a theme in mind. You can make colorful framing around the window for a child’s room to make it look beautiful.

  • Play with Shapes

Generally, most of the things around you inside a house are rectangular. Looking at the same lines and right angles everywhere makes the look of the room extremely boring.

Some changes, like placing a round coffee table, a triangular clock in the walls, or a disfigured statue in the center of the room, can bring you out of the routine right angles. This contrast in shapes will make the room look more interesting and beautiful.

  • Create Layers

It is always advisable to decorate the house by using layers. Layers mean adding up different items to a dominant color. You can layer your room using fabric, colors, lighting, patterns, books and plants, and many more. Layered rooms make you feel more homely. Decide a dominant color or pattern first, for example, pieces of cotton, and add them with contrasting colors, fabric, or patterns to different items. 

  • Modify Floor Plan

Even though small changes can make a huge difference to your house, changing the entire floor plan can give your house a new aura. Getting your floor plan redesigned won’t be a simple task, and you will need some professional assistance. Hire an architect or a designer who can help you with it using an online floor plan creator and advise you on the best floor design to beautify and increase the alliance of your home.


Designing your home is an interesting task. Decide what you want, and then plan things. Focus on different corners and parts of your house. The earlier mentioned points will help you decide what things you can do to design your home in a better way. Keep those points in mind, and you are good to go!