Vintage Farmhouse Style: How to Bring it to Your Home

Love the vintage style, love the farmhouse style, but not quite sure on how to make these two terrific decorative types blend and work in your home? Well, while there is a bit to learn it’s nothing you can’t pick up easily.

In fact, you’ll soon see that the two styles were practically meant to be placed in tandem. Continue reading and we’ll let you in on everything you need to know to make this gorgeous decorative style subset work in your living space.


Vintage Farmhouse Lighting

Properly chosen lighting fixtures is the quickest, most effective way to remake your home in this beautiful style. Adding vintage farmhouse pendant lighting over the kitchen island can be done cheaply in just a few hours and will instantly revamp the feel of this high-traffic room. Focus on pendants using materials like metal and wood especially.

Don’t overlook other lighting types, however! Adding vintage farmhouse table lamps and floor lamps will also quickly change the overall decor of a room without requiring a big investment in time or money. Look for lamps that meld traditional with rustic. Finishes like distressed or weathered are a fantastic way to accomplish this.

Vintage Farmhouse Furniture and Accents

You’ve got your lighting covered, so let’s now move on to outfitting your home with the proper furniture and accents to achieve the vintage farmhouse style. You’ll again want to focus heavily on the materials and finishes that are being used.

Look for a cushy couch that has exposed wood, or table accents with a weathered metal finish. Their footprint might be small but they’ll catch the eye, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who enters the room.

Items that you might have found in a classic schoolhouse or working ranch would be perfect. You can find new recreations that fit this mold, or spend a fun afternoon perusing your local antique shops for options that will work for your home.

How Does It Differ from Other Farmhouse Styles?

The vintage farmhouse style of decorating will obviously share many important elements with other types of farmhouse design. Among the major ways it differs from the modern or Scandinavian farmhouse categories is by relying less on matte, solid colors (particularly black).

When wanting to add a feel of luxury and strength, the French farmhouse style might look to marble, while vintage farmhouse favors gold or brass. You’re also likely to see more new elements used with French, while vintage favors repurposing.

How Does It Differ from Other Vintage Styles?

Look to the materials. With the vintage industrial style, you’ll see the commonality of repurposing items, but the difference will lie in the materials which compose these pieces. While a vintage farmhouse kitchen island may be made from reclaimed wood, one of the vintage industrial style would be made of metal, perhaps being sourced from an old commercial kitchen.

A colonial vintage styled home will be more likely to use exposed bulb or flat cone pendants, while the vintage farmhouse style will favor rectangular multi-bulb or weathered dome pendants. You’re also likely to see a more muted color scheme, while vintage farmhouse allows for a bit more hue and natural tones, albeit still remaining understated.

Wrapping Things Up

You should now have a clear idea in your head of the dos and don’ts of decorating your home in the vintage farmhouse style. Remember to stick to basic, understated colors with lots of repurposed items featuring wood and metal, and you’ll do just fine.

It’s simplicity both in colors and form makes it an easy fit with practically any pieces you already have in your house. With so many closely related decorative styles out there, you should have no trouble finding vintage farmhouse pieces that will be a beautiful fit with your existing home decor items.

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