Best Office Chair Cushions and Other Great Gifts

Why are office chair cushions important? Well, it helps to keep you comfortable when you’re sitting down. How does that help us overall? That helps us with a variety of issues including back pain, shoulder pain, and even leg pain. For example, if you’re using a lawn chair or an outdoor chair to sit at your desk, it’s going to be one highly uncomfortable office chair. That’d be because it’s not a real office chair, though, right? It’s an outdoor/lawn chair. However, with the right cushion, that could change. Well, possibly. Only with some of the best office chair cushions. But, how do you choose the best one? While we’re at it, what are some other great gifts?

  1.  Skin care products

One of the best gifts is skin care products. Why? Because everyone needs a little self care. Yes, even you. There’s face masks for men or women, Wow Skin science, or if someone has been telling you about a new skin care regimen they’ve been wanting to try there’s that as well. The possibilities are pretty close to endless when it comes to buying skin care products as gifts because there’s so many to choose from.

  1.  Office chair cushions

Some of the best office chair cushion brands are:

  • ComfiLife
  • Everlasting Comfort
  • Xtreme Comfort
  • Serta (though they don’t actually sell pads, they do have some very comfy pillows if you want to use one and convert it into a chair cushion)
  • Fortem
  • Tsumbay
  • Aduken

There are plenty more, but here’s just a few to look into. You can also DIY with a good pillow pattern as well. Plenty of people on a tight budget have done this instead of investing in a cushion and it’s seemed to work out well for them.

  1.  Healthy snacks

Lots of people are focused on staying healthy. That’s why healthy snacks are a great option. Low carb, or simply healthy in any way, snacks are a great choice for your favorite health nut (including buying them nuts!).

  1.  Body care basket!

Not sure about everyone, but this is a great gift for a lot of people. Women (and sometimes men) enjoy great scented lotions and things that aren’t going to irritate their skin. That’s why a body care basket from a company you know is a great gift for her OR him. Sometimes it’s hard to choose because we don’t know what a person likes, but if they’re adventurous that will make it easier. Why? Because then you know they may be up for trying something completely new. It’s worth the risk, right? Right.

  1.  Wax or a wax warmer

This is one of the best things ever! These things send a scent through an entire house! Wax warmers come in various shapes and sizes. Some are easily plugged into the wall and require a switch to be flipped. Some of these have a cord and are much bigger. There’s even huge ones that are the size of three-wick candles! The waxes are inexpensive, too! Great choice, no fire needed (like with candles), they smell great, they last a long time, and you can even add essential oils to them if that’s your thing. If not, you don’t have to. It’ll still be just as great with or without them! 

  1.  Incense

Know someone who enjoys candles and wax warmers and has both? Find a scent they like and get them some incense. This is a great gift because they can light them and the scents are usually stronger than the scents of candles and wax warmers. This way, the scent carries farther through their house or their apartment. Just keep in mind, if they have children they may want to put them out of reach for the child’s safety. But be practical. If they have a three-year-old, chances are that they’re going to want to put their incense up high and that should work well. But how do you know which scent to pick? Simple! If they have anxiety then you can pick up calming scents like lavender. If they like sweet or fruity scents, pick up strawberry, raspberry, or pomegranate. There’s plenty of ways to pick which scent is best for the person you’re buying for.

  1.  Candles

If the person you know has a wax warmer or a thing for candles and incense, candles are definitely the perfect gift for them! If they only have a wax warmer and incense, still the perfect choice because they clearly enjoy wonderfully scented things. This includes stress relief candles. What a perfect gift!

  1.  Personalized cutting board

This is the perfect gift for someone you know who loves to cook, is a chef, or is wanting to get into cooking. You can always add to it by getting a set of spoons, spatulas, whisks, pans, or any other cooking utensils you choose to use as an additional gift. Or you could just stick with the cutting board itself and call it a day. In the end, the choice is entirely and completely your own. Whatever you choose is a great choice.

  1.  A bottle of wine

This especially works for someone you know that enjoys wine. Their favorite wine, a new wine you think they’ll like, or even one you think they should try based on which wine they prefer. If you’re not sure what kind they like, it’s probably best to go with one of the other gifts on this list.

  1. Anything they’ve mentioned to you that they need

If there’s anything that your friend or family member has mentioned to you that they need or the famous, “I’m getting one of these as soon as I can” and that day never comes, get it for them. If you’re looking for the perfect gift, this is literally the one. 

One good example is having a good to-go cup like a Yeti mug so they can take their favorite drinks with them.

It’s something they’ve asked for without actually asking for it, but you know they need it because they just told you they did. There’s no better gift than something the person asks for directly. It’s literally the perfect gift at that point.

  1. Trip to the local salon/spa

Ever know someone who you just knew needed a break or some time away from the stressors of life? Take them to the salon to get a facial, manicure, or pedicure. Or take them to the spa so they can relax and get a massage. The last thing you’ll hear from them before or after you both leave the place is, “thank you! I needed this more than you know.” and those are some pretty good words to make you feel good, right?

When is the best time to give a gift?

There is no right answer to this question. Any time is a great time to get someone in your life a gift. Birthdays, holidays, just because, graduation, promotion at work, the list goes on! The best part is, you don’t need a specific reason to get someone a gift. Plenty of people give gifts “just because” or because they want the person to smile. Sometimes, in relationships, it’s even a person’s love language. You never truly know without asking or discussing it. When was your favorite time to buy someone special in your life a gift?

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