Home Hacks: 5 Tips to Organize Your Bedroom

With our busy schedules and hectic routines, sometimes it’s very easy to let our bedrooms get messier than we would like them to be. Before you know  it, you’re slaving away picking up stuff, wondering why your room never seems to stay tidy for long. 

Well, maybe it;s not just a matter of you not putting things back in their place. Sometimes a messy room means your organization skills may be lacking, or that you have way too many things for the space you’re living in. If that’s the case, you might have to spend a weekend organizing your whole bedroom. 

Once you’re through with it though, you’ll be able to spend your days in a bedroom that isn’t a mess for once, even if you do leave a couple of items lying around! 

  1. Clear Your Bed First 

When you’re organizing your room, keep in mind that the things on the bed are probably the ones you use the most, and they either need to be organized first so you can sort all the other stuff accordingly, or they need to be organized last so they’re easily reachable. 

If you haven’t been sleeping well and think it’s because of the mess on your bed, chances are it might be because of other reasons. If you’re using the wrong mattress, for example, you won’t feel comfortable no matter how clean your sheets are and how mess-free your bed is. You can read more about the kinds of mattresses that might be a better fit for you in this Real Simple blog article. 

Once you’re sure your bed is done, we move on to the next steps! 

  1. Create Shelf Storage 

The key to organizing better is to first make sure you have more than enough space, and the 12 inches of space right under your ceiling is prime real estate for some extra shelves. You can store books, stuffed animals, boxes full of things you don’t need, and all kinds of other things up there. 

It might make your ceiling feel shorter than it is, but it’ll also make your room way less cluttered and clear up a lot of space in your closet. 

  1. Use the Space Under Your Bed 

Store things like shoes and clothes in drawers under your bed. If you can’t afford a bed frame with built in storage, use cardboard boxes instead! You can raise your bed a little with the help of bed raisers that you can easily get online. This way you’ll have more room for storage underneath it! 

  1. Don’t Let Dirty Clothes Lay Around 

One of the things that most commonly make a room look cluttered is a pile of dirty laundry in one corner. If you don’t have the room for a laundry basket or you feel like it’ll take up too much floor space, consider hanging a hamper behind your bedroom door. 

This way the laundry will mostly stay out of sight, off the floor, and (hopefully) inside the hamper where it can’t mess up your room! 

  1. Keep It Clean! 

Once you’ve organized your bedroom, your closet, and everything in between, don’t think you can just go back to acting how you were before you took this project on. Remember to keep putting things right where you picked them up from, to keep the dirty laundry inside the hamper, and to fold and store away the clean one properly. 

Staying consistent and tidying up regularly will have you living in a pretty nice room that’s well-organized, which is what the goal was here. 

Some of the other things that would help make your room more organized are to store your jewelry and small knick knacks properly. More often than not, they don’t have a designated space so it has to be created. Consider organizing it by hanging it all on a wall and covering it with a painting or a mirror, and keep your bedside table tidy too!