How to winterize a permanent above ground pool?

Now it’s time to say goodbye to the summers and welcome winters. But wait a minute. For permanent above ground pool owners, it will be the most hectic task to winterize the pool. Yes, before closing the pool for next summer, you need to enhance the average life of a permanent above ground pool. Let’s see what we should do to properly winterize a pool by following the simple steps mentioned below.

Winterize permanent above ground pool with 05 simple steps

Here, we have oversimplified all the steps and made it easier for all the permanent above ground pool owners to close the pool for winters. Let’s check all the steps one by one;


Remove pool accessories

The first step is quite simple. You need to remove all the accessories of your pool and store them properly. For example, remove your ladder (if any) from the pool and store it somewhere in a dry place. Aside from the ladder, if the pool has any type of toys for your kids, remove them all and store them safely.

In this way, remove all the other accessories and store them in the garage.

Remove drain plugs and filter and clean:

After removing all the accessories, you need to clean all the water drain plugs and filters. For this purpose, remove the filter and clean it. You may use a pressure washer for cleaning the filter. By using a pressure washer, use detergent for getting excellent cleaning results.

Apart from pool filter cleaning, pay attention to cleaning drain plugs as well. If you don’t clean the drain plug, it may get damaged by weather (rusted if made of metal).

Clean the pool for the last time this summer:

A clean pool will be good whenever you want to use the pool next summer. Therefore, clean the pool properly.

By using a leaf net or a skimmer, you may collect all the debris from the pool. After that, you need a brush for the wall cleaning of your permanent pool. So, pool cleaning brushes are available in the market. Choose any one of them and brush down the pool walls.

Lastly, make sure that the pool floor has also been cleaned to avoid algae growth in winters.

By doing all the cleaning steps, your pool is only one step away from closing the pool for winters.

Add Chemicals:

To get the pool water with balanced pH and alkalinity levels that is good for your health, you need to add different chemicals to your pool before closing it for winters. For this purpose, a water winterizing kit is available in the market. The water winterizing kit consists of almost all the chemicals essential to get perfectly balanced water in the pool. Check the pH, alkalinity, and water hardness before closing the pool for winters.

Having checked all the factors mentioned above, now it’s time to add chemicals as per requirement in the pool. Add all the required chemicals in the pool and maintain the water for subsequent summers.

Use Pool cover:

Now your pool is ready to close for upcoming winters. Just install the pool cover with the help of cover clips. Moreover, you can use a cable to tighten the pool cover for better satisfaction.

After covering the pool, go to your bedroom and enjoy your winters in your blanket by watching your favorite TV shows. Thank you.

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