Stunning Bohemian Home Decor You will Love

Are you looking for a trendy and unique way to decorate your home and make it stand out in the sea of cookie-cutter homes? Do you want something different from what everyone else has going on? We have just the thing! The best part about this decor style is that you can pick and choose which pieces are best for you. If you love a certain accessory but don’t care to put it in your living room, then go ahead and use it as an accent piece somewhere else. There’s no right or wrong way when styling these gorgeous bohemian pieces. It’s all up to you! When you walk into a bohemian-styled home, what do you see? You will most likely notice that the living room is filled with soft textures and vibrant colors. The walls are adorned with tapestries or artwork to create an inviting atmosphere. What about when it comes to outdoor decorating? Bohemian-style homes often feature whimsical touches such as brightly colored furniture in their gardens. If you want to give your home this bohemian look without breaking the bank, then read on!

Bright Colors in the Rooms

If you’re looking to add a brighter, more energizing vibe to your home’s living space, then consider using bright colors. The color palette for bohemian-style decor typically includes an array of vibrant hues such as lavender, pink and green. You can also use this style when it comes to creating different spaces within one room. For instance, you can use these colors to paint a small storage space off the living room or bedroom or use a vibrant area rugs on the floor for a bright and bold accent piece.

Mix of Shades

If you don’t entertain dark color palettes, you can still incorporate a bohemian style by mixing and matching neutrals and bold tomes. For instance, use shades of light blue or green with darker navy blues or khaki for an earthy feel, or combine a maroon with a cream or beige shade. Paint is a great and affordable way to bring bohemian style into any room. You can paint an entire wall with one of the bold colors you love or use tape on your walls for a pop of color around doors and windows.

Wall Art Can Be Fun Too!

Implementing bohemian style in your home is a great way to add texture and personality. Besides painting, you can place an oversized piece of art on the living room wall for a dramatic focal point or install some unique lighting fixtures in the bedroom. If there’s one thing that bohemians are known for, it’s creative, so don’t be afraid to get creative with your home decor. Play around with pictures, paintings, and art pieces on walls, decorate each and every corner with a small or a massive art collection. Bohemian style is all about going insane with art and craft.

Imaginative Patterns

Don’t forget about patterns when it comes to creating your bohemian-inspired home! It doesn’t mean you need to go to the market and purchase any of those trendy rugs (although that can be cool sometimes). You might have some old clothes lying around in your closet. Cut them up into small pieces; these will work as great patterns for a pillow or even a wall! So what are you waiting for?

Home Décor from Thrift Stores

If you love boho-chic home décor, but you’re on a budget, then look for home décor pieces at your local thrift store. There’s no need to invest in expensive items when you can find the same or similar products used! Alternatively, if this is not an option and you want to buy new accent pieces, try shopping online for discounted prices by looking through websites.

Ethnic and Tribal Prints

Home décor with ethnic and tribal prints is a great way to add bohemian style to your home. This includes bedsheets, pillows, rugs (particularly Zieglar rugs ), wall hangings, and more! Boho decor is all about these traditional prints and patterns everywhere in the home. A covered bench with pillows and blankets and a tribal patterned fabric are also a staple of bohemian décor.

Boho Style Living Room

Bohemian living rooms typically have lots of layers in floor rugs, cozy furniture pieces with throws or cushions spread about, wall hangings, drapes the wall, and then use accent colors to paint smaller areas such as furniture pieces. It’s also important that you include bright and fun colors in your bohemian room as well.

Bohemian Dining Room Ideas

A dining area is typically a place for friends and family to get together to share meals, stories, and laughter. It makes them an important part of any home décor style! While the look can vary depending on what you’re going for, a bohemian dining room is all about rustic and wooden pieces with a more earthy aesthetic.

Low-Level Seating

If you have a living room with high ceilings and lots of space, consider adding low-level seating. These pieces work well because they create an intimate area for conversation or a reading nook- without taking up too much space! A boho home is all about low seating and floor cushions.

Plants, Plants, and More Plants

Boho is the love of nature, so it’s no wonder plants are an important detail in the home. Add some to your living room, kitchen, and even bedroom for a little greenery! You can go small with pots on counters or shelves or large enough to cover the entire wall.

An Old Wooden Table

Many bohemian homes have old wooden tables that add warmth and are perfect for entertaining. Whether you’re looking to add a table or not, it’s good to have some pieces with character and history in your home, and they will make the space feel lived in!

Vintage Items

One of the excellent ways to add personality and a bohemian vibe to your home is by incorporating vintage items. You can use them as a decor, in your art space, or just around the house! Vintage-style furniture or a rug piece, a rustic dresser with a mirror can help create the bohemian feel you might be looking for.

Bohemian Style Furniture

If you want your beautiful home to have that chic and cozy feeling, it is important to add some plants and find furniture pieces! You could use them as storage in open spaces or even in corners. For those looking for side tables, there are many options to choose from: colorful ones with bright patterns, rustic wooden ones, or even just a simple small table that is not too expensive! Most importantly, when you’re styling your space out of bohemian style, it all comes down to what feels like your home and what You love.

Wrap Up

We hope you found this blog post helpful and inspiring. If you want to redesign the style of your living space, consider adding a few bohemian pieces from RugKnots. Our rugs are handcrafted by artisans who take pride in their artistry. They’re affordable too! With our many designs and options, we can help make your home look stylish while staying within budget. Get started today!