Factors to Consider in Selecting the Perfect Australian Wool Quilt

Australia is the 6th largest country by land area. This country is bordered by the South Pacific Ocean on the east, and to the west by the Indian Ocean. Australia is widely known for the production of wool. The climate in Australia, particularly in the drier inland parts is perfect for producing fine wool, which produces great products like Australian wool quilt. The Australian bred Merino sheep makes large quantities of this fine wool under the Australian climate and condition. 

Tips to Get the Best Australian Wool Quilt

Selecting the best quilt for you and your family can be a rewarding and easy experience once you follow certain guidelines you need to consider. Ensuring that your family can comfortably sleep well with the best Australian wool quilt could go a long way to make sure that your home is healthy and happy. Let’s have a closer look at every one of the most vital things that must be considered in selecting an Australian wool quilt and a few information that might be useful for you.  

For Who?

Is the wool quilt you want to buy is for yourself, your child, or another adult? Though this consideration may appear trivial, such consideration is directed at the product’s washability and care instructions. Perhaps, it can be less vital for adults, but younger kids usually come with more messes and spill to clean up after. The simpler the quilt is to maintain, the better. Suppose you’re unsure what’s best for your children. You can have 100% Australian quilt wool that isn’t just dry-cleaning but also the temperature-regulating, the most natural, and environmental option to get for your kids.

Also, make sure that you can dry clean it to prevent the requirement to get a brand-new quilt every time a minimal mess is done. But keep in mind that what suits one type of quilt will not be suitable for others. Hence, it’s best to shake out and air your quilt regularly to retain freshness and even the filling’s distribution. 

Quilt Size

While buying a quilt, make sure that it’s one size larger than your bed. Not only will this give great comfort, but it’s also for style and design since the quilt will drape down the sides of your bed after it’s made. This effect can make a better aesthetic appeal. 

Remember that this suggestion has certain practicality reasons, particularly when your partner tends to steal the covers. Though, it’s still up to your personal preference. You can also try measuring your bed frame’s height and mattress first to ensure that it will drape as short or long as you want it to.

Microbial and Hypoallergenic Protection

According to market research conducted in 2019, most are particularly interested in a quilt’s microbial and hypoallergenic protection properties. Millions of people suffer from respiratory diseases, skin complaints, asthma, and allergies and dust mite are the major reasons people experience such conditions. Hence, it’s important to choose a quilt with hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, and anti-dust mite properties. 


Selecting the perfect quilt for you and your family isn’t as easy as you may believe. But you just have to consider the tips above to ultimately find the ideal Australian wool quilt to invest in.