Tips to Improve Your Home Conservatory

A conservatory is an extended room at the side or end of the house that is usually constructed with glass and bricks. House plants are often situated in this area because of the abundance of natural light coming into the room. It is usually a special room in the house that you can’t simply forget about. Unfortunately, one can take it for granted and keep it in the background for longer than it deserves. The hyper and passion you once had when you first started to build your conservatory have been diminishing year by year, making it feel like a wasted beauty. 

This is where you should step in and give your conservatory a fresh makeover to breathe a new life. Whether you’re planning to invest in improving it for your benefit or to increase the sale price of your property, you shouldn’t hesitate to renovate it. Here, we will provide you with a few great tips to improve your home conservatory.

Changing the Function

A lot of homeowners build a conservatory for a very specific reason in mind, from having an extra spacious dining room or lounge area to stargazing or indoor garden rooms. The main function of the conservatory matters because once it stops being a point of interest, it won’t reach its full potential. If you feel that your conservatory is no longer serving its purpose, this might be your cue to change it into something else. Make sure that the new purpose of your conservatory is something you truly want to allow you to invest in it more comfortably.


The effect of lighting on your conservatory can make or break the entire allure of the place. Since your conservatory is supposed to be accommodating all days of the year, you want the lighting to give you a relaxing vibe any time of the day. The lighting setup mainly depends on the preferences of the owner, and if you’re using it extensively as a function room, a brighter lighting setup will be of great assistance. As recommended by the decor enthusiasts from, you can play around with the type of blinds that you want to add to your room to create ethereal vibes. If you go into the conservatory to relax and watch the stars at night, a dim light setup will be perfect to give you the sleepy aura and the peaceful ambiance you’ve been longing for. The most convenient option is to mix both styles by using adjustable lighting that can be controlled with remote control.

Redecorate and Accessorize

If your house happens to have a conservatory, then you are one of the few lucky ones. However, some people are not fond of their conservatories because they look antiqued and give off old-fashioned vibes. Redecorating is one of the easiest ways to turn your conservatory into a true inside haven you are dreaming of. This is your chance to bring the outdoors inside your house. Instead of having antique furniture lying around your sunroom, you can start from scratch with all-white themed furniture. Bright colors and colorful patterns work great in conservatories too. They will not only add vibes of relaxation but also an element of luxury. 

You can choose to go for a French or a minimalistic look. What’s important is choosing comfy furniture pieces that will make spending time in the r  conservatory, your new favorite thing. You can also add a hammock to chill after lunch with a book and a glass of wine in hand. Hammocks don’t only come with all sorts of advantages, but they also add cozy vibes to your space.

Add Some Greenery

For many people, conservatories are useless. They keep their sunrooms locked without a certain purpose. What these people miss out on is that their conservatories offer unlimited chances to completely vamp up their houses. Usually, there are a lot of crops and plants that you can’t plant in your backyard due to the constant sun exposure and fluctuating humidity levels. This is when your conservatory can come in and serve its new function. Consider this as your perfect chance to place and grow all the plants that require different living conditions into your conservatory. 

Even if you are not a big fan of gardening, adding some gorgeous greenery and colorful plants can do wonders to your space. These plants can also add balance and brightness to every corner of your space. Moreover, plants are known to give a positive effect on one’s physical and mental health by reducing stress levels.

If you are one of the few people who think of their conservatories as useless and unequipped spaces in their houses, then you need to look further into the many wonderful ways that you can make use of this sunny, relaxing space. Instead of leaving your conservatory to turn into an old and wasted room, find a purpose for it and do something about it –  alter its function, redecorate the space, and completely change its vibes. This way, you might have a new favorite spot around the house where you can enjoy basking under the sun and get your much-needed dose of Vitamin D.