9 Roof Maintenance Tips for Homeowners

Just like everything on the planet earth, houses age as well. Therefore, to slow down the ageing process they should be taken care of well. There is one part of the house that ages breathtakingly faster and whenever it requires repair or replacement, it burns a hole in the house owner’s pocket. That part is known as the roof. 

A Roof Repair professional and replacement are both expensive, however, maintenance is not an uphill task. So to avoid a replacement, you have to maintain the roof well. Here are 9 life-changing tips that would make roof maintenance hassle-free.

Examine the roof from time to time

A roof has to handle all sorts of harsh weather conditions. Whether it’s summer sun or winter snow, the roof’s health gets affected. Remember! To maintain a roof or any other part of the house you have to examine it from time to time, identify the issues, and find a solution. 

Trim trees regularly

The branches of the trees that fall on the roof can also cause great damage to the roof. Therefore, you can afford to ignore these branches as well. Trim the trees regularly, and do not let any branch fall on the roof and cause damage. Hire roofing san antonio.

Don’t go easy on dirt, debris, and leaves

Dirt, debris, and leaves on the roof appear harmless. However, the reality is quite opposite. Make time to sweep dirt, debris, and leaves away as frequently as possible. If you have a hard time sweeping the roof every other day, try practising it at least before or after heavy rainfall.

Keep the gutters unclogged and clean

Clogged and dirty gutters can also happen to cause a lot of damage to the roof. Dirt, debris, leaves, and tiny branches can clog the gutter. Examine the gutters and try keeping them unclogged and clean.

Treat lichen, algae, and moss

Lichen, algae, and moss are more serious issues than dirt, debris, and leaves. Lichen, algae and moss often grow in warmer seasons. So you have to be extra careful and be quick in treating lichen, algae, and moss during the active growing season.

Try nipping the evil in the bud

All roof issues need to be addressed immediately. Delaying the issues would cause more damage. If you do not have any solid reason to delay, get the issues fixed asap.

Do not do the repairs yourself

The roofs can have major and minor issues. Whether it’s a major or minor issue, do not try to repair it yourself. Hand over the job to a professional, and refrain from being a jack of all trades.

Get your roof inspected by a professional at least once a year

Since we can not examine the roof as the professional would do. We can see what’s issues the roof has but it hard to judge what problems we might face in future. So, to get expert advice get it examined by a professional at least once a year. 

Do not overlook gutter bolts

Gutters bolts link the gutters to the roof. If the bolts catch rust or have a loose connection, the house owner will face issues with the roof. At the time of cleaning gutters, pay undivided attention to the bolts as well. Repair or replace the faulty bolts to maintain the roof to perfection.

Humna Chaudhary
Humna Chaudhary
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