Shopping Trends on Different Social Media Platforms and How They Work

There is an increasing number of people that are shopping on various social media sites. Social media marketing involves the advertisement, promotion, and marketing of products on social media platforms. However, recent updates of most apps allow users to directly shop through the platform, instead of leaving for a third party website. Without social media, clothing brands and stores would not have survived lockdown during the pandemic. Stores gave up selling through brick-and-mortar locations, and started selling their products on social media. This was also convenient for shoppers, as they never needed to leave the comfort of their homes – everything was a click (or tap) away.

But how exactly does social media shopping work? The process is varied across different platforms, but in general the purchasing process is streamlined. Using services such as SubscriberZ helped boost sales. 


Shopping on Facebook is reportedly very comfortable, with may pros such as the “Shop” tab. Building a whole store within Facebook’s marketplace is easy for stores. Adding products, managing orders and advertising products is a relatively simple process. Shipping is made easier through Facebook, and thus business can attest that they have everything they need on the platform itself. 


Additionally, Facebook’s messenger developed AI-powered chatbots to help customers during their shopping. Queries and assistance can be automated in this way, and promotional content can easily be distributed to customers. This is more cost effective than traditional methods. 


There is no doubt that Instagram is an extremely popular social media app. Using it for social media shopping is popular as well. Instagram’s concept is based on images first and foremost. This gives it a great advantage, and helps drive revenues by bringing more traffic to stores (ass opposed to other social media shopping platforms). Consumers prefer new products they were recommended on Instagram. Everything, starting with the marketing of new products, up until a successful purchase has been made, is streamlined, and designed with convenience in mind. The marketing potential of Instagram is enormous, and users easily fall in love with products advertised on the platform. Recently, Instagram announced a new feature to allow for purchases directly through the app, known as ‘Instagram Checkout’


There is a stark difference between Pinterest and other social media platforms. Images shared on Pinterest are typically more beautiful and aesthetic. For years, users on Pinterest can click on a link within the app to purchase a product. This process has seen some success, but lately the platform has decided to enhance some of its shopping features. 

One particularly useful feature is ‘Shop the Look’ – in this users  can purchase multiple clothing items at once, by clicking on an image of a full outfit. Complete catalogues from clothing stores can be uploaded to the platform, and users will be able to virtually look through all the available options.

However, users do not prefer to use the platform for shopping. Traffic from online shopping is more heavily directed towards other social media in comparison.

Social media shopping has still more room to grow, and many developments are expected in the near future. The customer experiences will surely be enhanced and made easier. Many professional teams are hard at work on developing new ways to improve consumer experience in this field. At the moment, stores can use a few strategies on social media platforms to boost their sales and drive revenue. Combined with social media marketing methods, target audiences can easily be reached, and businesses can differentiate themselves from rivals and competitors. 

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