Selling Your Art Online: The Easiest Guide You’ll Find

Trying to sell your art? It’s not exactly a walk in the park. Today I’m giving you the easiest and the best guide. 

Be Socially Active

One of the most important things you need to bring in traffic towards your art is social media marketing. You should be active on social media platforms, which are:

Pinterest – So many people search for photos and videos on Pinterest. It gathers some very fascinating, aesthetic, and also interesting material. Your art can easily be seen by a large number of people – whether you know them or not. Pinterest users that like your art will add it to their ‘boards’ and share it with their friends, bringing more traffic your way. 

Youtube – on of the market leaders in social media and a really useful tool in this case. You can create a channel and post your art there. You can share it everywhere simply by a coping link. 

Instagram – Many artists nowadays put their art on Instagram and advertise it with the help of the app. This social platform has more and more users joining as time passes by. And one more thing: social advertising is cheap. So you can just pay a couple of dollars, choose your segment and wait for the feedback. You can easily tag links to a website selling your art. So when someone sees your art and likes it, they can immediately visit your channel or Instagram profile, etc.

To jumpstart your online presence you can use socialgreg

Write Descriptions Easily

When you write a description to your page, many things should be taken into consideration. These paragraphs shouldn’t be too complicated, and appeal to the average internet user. You should get the reader interested and make them see or listen to it. You can also leave them slightly confused and wondering – imploring them to delve further into your page.


Not only should you think about the grammar and spelling- you need to think of Google optimization. “Optimizing for the search” in simple terms means making search engines find your art easier by describing your art in the same way that buyers tend to. Sounds easy, right? Well, it is – in some way. With a little effort, the descriptions you add to your paintings can be made keyword-rich. Keep in mind that your buyers will be searching for a lot more than just your painting. They will likely be searching for ways to purchase art, and for painting types etc. 

Include Local Areas 

SEO is a difficult subject to master, and trying to rank highly on Google is an enormous task. However, you can stop trying to compete with the entire world, and focus on a smaller area. This is especially important if you are a beginner, as there are many more artists competing for a spot on that first page of Google. So compete with locals before you compete with the entire internet. By focusing on your local community, you can slowly build your popularity. You may find that in doing so that you will eventually be on that first page anyway. 

Team up!

Team working is always a good idea. You share each other’s everything: your knowledge, your experience, and even the ability to help each other out. Team working has a tremendous motivational impact. Standing by each other and helping out is good for professionals in all fields.  So, surround yourself with artists like you, or ones that inspire you. Social media can also be used to connect with other artist groups. 

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