9 tips for social media contests in 2021

Businesses in industries suffered great losses during the pandemic. Their marketing teams are using social media to make their customer experience fun, and develop their brands to gain loyal customers. An important tool to communicate with your target audience, social media contests can help you develop your brand and create a fan base.

Marketing using social media contests is a fairly simple process. Based on a central theme or idea, these contests can be used to market a brand by working the brand name into the theme. Growing a social media presence can be achieved using SocialWick. These are a few ideas that can be used to create contests on the popular video-sharing platform TikTok:

  • Holidays
    Around the world, any of all the numerous types of holidays that are observed by different cultures are loved by all. In North America, Halloween can be a great source of joy for many children. Needless to say, people have been taking photos of their childrens’ costumes ever since the advent of handheld cameras. Create a contest asking your fans to post these photos or videos, and name a winner at the end of the night.
  • Pets
    People with pets can sometimes treat them like their babies. Of course, that also means they love to share media to show off how cute they are. Viewers also enjoy posts of pets. Create a contest asking people to share the best or funniest photo they have ever taken of their pet. Your feed will be overrun with cuteness.
  • Hashtags
    Since comedian and talk show host Jimmy Fallon helped create the hashtag challenges, they have been increasingly popular. Organizations looking to market their product can easily add their brands to hashtag challenges, and employ influencers as brand ambassadors to develop their brand image.
  • Art
    You can choose to target artists for your social media contest. Propose that your fans post their best creations, dance, or poetry. Let users decide the winner of your content, inviting even those with less creative skills to take part in your marketing campaign.
  • Selfies
    It’s no secret that selfies are extremely popular, especially among the younger generation. Organizations with planned events can scale up their marketing potential by adding a selfie contest for the event.
  • World Cup
    Every four years, millions of people attend soccer matches (3 million in 2018) or watch live broadcasts of them. All over the world, there are millions of organizations that can benefit from using the World Cup as a marketing tool.  Taking advantage of the opportunity is easy – just run social media content that is tagged to the event.
  • Food Photos
    Look around any restaurant these days, you’re bound to find someone taking a photo of their food. These photos are most likely for social media. Run a contest for the best food photo, and you’ll get a lot of responses.
  • Product Experience
    People love testing new products. There is also a trend whereby people love to review products online, which is additionally helpful for consumers. Give people an incentive to review your products by making it a contest. Encourage honest reviews – you won’t regret it.