5 Common Signs You Need Drain Cleaning

Drains require proper maintenance to function efficiently. Several elements can cause drain clogging, especially after being flushed down the system. There is some probability that you can fix minor drain blockage problems. Major drain blockages and significant issues require a professional drain cleaning company. When choosing a great drain cleaning firm consider factors, such as experience, credibility, reputation, and quality of services. Significant drain problems are fixed using high-tech plumbing equipment. Certain signs indicate the onset of drain blockage problems. Below are 5 common signs you need drain cleaning.

1. Presence of Mould, Mildew, and Pests

Based on research, a clogged drain acts as a suitable habitat for fruit flies, pests, and cockroaches. These pests will feed on the organic waste inside your blockage drain. After some time, your uncleaned drains will become the breeding ground for pest. you can use Power Pest Control. These pests can cause various water infestations that can deteriorate your health status. In addition, stagnant water in your drains will remain damp, thus boosting the growth of mould and mildew. Scientifically, mould and mildew will produce an odour smell, thus lowers the quality of indoor air. This odour can cause severe respiratory infections, especially if you are suffering from asthma or other pre-existing health issues. If you identify pests, mould, or mildew, consider calling a suitable drain cleaning firm.

2. Multiple and Frequent Clogs

Multiple and frequent clogs signify the onset of a major drain problem. These clogs can happen on a monthly, weekly, or daily basis. You should be keener when inspecting the drain blockage problem. In some cases, multiple clogs can happen at the same time. For instance, your sink and toilet drainage system can stop working simultaneously. Multiple and frequent drain blockage is a major problem that should be examined and fixed by a professional drain cleaner. Mostly, the sign indicates that there is a major blockage within the central drainage system. Professional plumbers will opt for a deep drain cleaning strategy.

3. Unusual Noise

In a blocked drainage system, water will divert to other surrounding pipes. In most cases, the high-pressure water will push itself via small spaces within the drainage system. Your drainage system comprises bubbling or gurgling sounds, particularly when you are flushing. Unusual sounds in the drainage system indicate the onset of a major drainage issue. On some occasions, you will find that there is air blockage in your drain lines.

4. Water Accumulation in the Sinks and Toilets

Drain clogged is the major cause of slow draining. A major drain blockage issue in the central drainage system or drain lines will cause water accumulation in your sinks and toilets. Accumulated water can be a mess if mishandled. Therefore, you should opt for a qualified and authorized drain cleaner. A reliable drain cleaner will use great and latest techniques as well as equipment to resolve the recurring drain problem.

5. An Unpleasant Smell

Drain malfunctioning is the leading cause of waste and sewage build-ups in your pipes. As previously mentioned, an unpleasant smell in your drainage system signifies the presence of mold and mildew. In addition, build-up waste materials will react and decompose with time, thus reducing the quality of air. If you detect a gas smell, consider hiring emergency plumbing services to rectify the issue.


The above-mentioned signs indicate the onset of major drain issues. Therefore, identifying the problem early in advance will lower the odds of major drain problems. In addition, resolving the drain issue early will improve the efficiency of the system.

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