Best Locations To Live For Takeaways

Great Britain absolutely loves a takeaway, with a huge boom in the number of us ordering online. Let’s be honest, what beats the feeling of cosying up on the sofa in our loungewear, pressing play on our favourite film and unwrapping our takeaway packaging to some delicious looking food without even having to leave our house? As the world of takeaways continues to grow even further, popular takeaway service, Just Eat, have released information on the most popular takeaway towns across the country which pairs nicely with Deliveroo’s list of the most popular dish by city. 

  1. London

Unsurprisingly, the capital city of London takes the number one spot. With almost nine million residents calling London home, you can only imagine the number of options on offer, with people from all across the world owning takeaway businesses that offer up delicious specialities from their cuisine. Surprisingly, the classic burger has been voted the number one option for takeaways in the city, with everyone falling back on the all time classic as a staple.

  1. Glasgow

Another unsurprising contender is Glasgow, the most populated city in Scotland which is home to thousands of unique businesses and tasty food spots. Although we may expect to see the Scottish specialities of battered-everything in the number one spot, Glasgow have surprised us by ranking pizza as their number one cuisine of choice! 

  1. Manchester

The takeaway options available in Manchester are mouth-watering, with something for even the fussiest of eaters to look forward to. From popular city-centre restaurants who also offer a home delivery service to independently owned takeaway businesses offering unique cuisines, you’ll never run short of options to try out. Similarly to London, the city has ranked burgers in the top spot… you really can’t beat a classic!

  1. Birmingham

With celebrity chefs and incredible talent dotted across the city, awaken your tastebuds with some incredible flavour combinations. The British Takeaway Awards have included plenty of finalists across Birmingham, with some award-winning businesses impressing the judges with their delicious menus. When it comes to the city’s favourite takeaway for a day to day dinner, pizza has yet again made the top spot.

  1. Liverpool

The city has an abundance of local favourites, with residents heading down to their local chicken shop, Indian takeaway or pizza spot on a regular basis. The most popular takeaway of choice may come as a surprise, but steak has taken the number one spot as hungry locals tuck into some delicious steak as a treat from the comfort of their own home. 

  1. Leeds

Being another one of the UK’s largest cities, there are plenty of options on every corner so you will never run short of new places to try. With an exceptional range of cuisines from all across the globe, open your eyes to new tastes and maybe even spark inspiration for your next travels! The number one dish from Leeds is a unique one, with bao buns being a local favourite in the area, bringing in a popular Asian delicacy to the city.

Humna Chaudhary
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