4 Things You Should Know About Tesla Powerwall

When Elon Musk introduced the Tesla Powerwall to the solar energy market in 2015, it was billed as a game-changer in the way consumers could utilize solar power. According to him, it would revolutionize “the entire energy infrastructure of the world.” In 2016, Tesla introduced the Powerwall 2.0, an improved version of the original Powerwall battery. Tesla’s Q4 Earnings Report for 2020 shows that over 100,000 Powerwalls have been installed across the globe. If you’re looking to get a Tesla Powerwall for your home or business, here are 4 things you should know about this product.

  1. The Powerwall Charges Anytime the Sun is Up

When you hook up a Tesla Powerwall to your solar energy panels, it will begin charging the moment the sun has risen, and continue to do so all day. At the same time that the sun is feeding power to your home or business, it is storing the excess energy in the Powerwall battery for later consumption. Instead of sending the extra energy generated by your solar panels to the power grid, you can keep it for your own use anytime it becomes necessary, saving you from having to draw on the grid during these times. Even if you live in a location where it’s common to experience inclement weather conditions, every second that sunlight hits your solar panels, the Powerwall will be charging.

  1. Energy Stored in the Powerwall Can Be Used Instead of Energy from the Power Grid

After your Tesla Powerwall has been charged up, it can be used at the times when the sun isn’t out, such as nights or during stormy weather. If there are power outages, your battery can keep your home or business’s electricity running so you can keep using your appliances and electrical devices. According to this article, the Powerwall can feed energy to your home continually for up to seven days, so even during hurricanes or earthquakes, your power will remain on. As long as your solar panels remain intact, the moment the sun begins charging them, it will also start recharging your Powerwall battery again. The Powerwall’s storage capabilities are nearly three times that of other lithium-based batteries, and the Powerwall 2.0 is double the storage capacity of the original Powerwall battery.

  1. The Powerwall Can Help you Save on your Power Bill

The Tesla Powerwall can be programmed to work in a way that intelligently distributes additional energy needs at peak usage hours. This will allow you to use your stored-up power instead of drawing from the grid, keeping your energy usage costs down to a minimum. During times when your power usage is low, the Powerwall will switch back to charging mode, storing up energy for when it’s needed again. Since it will only run when your usage of appliances and electrical devices is high, you’ll only be paying for minimal amounts of power from the grid, keeping your bill as low as possible. This is very useful if you tend to use a significant amount of power after the sun goes down since you’ll still be able to rely on solar energy instead of drawing power from the grid, thanks to the energy stored up in your Powerwall battery.

  1. It Will Soon Be Possible to Move Completely Off the Grid with the Powerwall

With the Tesla Powerwall, you will soon be able to move your home or business completely off the power grid, becoming entirely self-sufficient through the use of renewable green energy. Tesla intends to make off-grid options available shortly, letting you use their technology to generate all of your power from solar panel energy, utilizing the Powerwall to supplement energy needs when your solar panels cannot feed power to your property. By no longer needing to be connected to a power grid, you can run your home or business for just the cost of the equipment, setup, and regular maintenance. You won’t have to pay electric companies anymore. If your property is located in a remote location, it will give you a dependable power solution that will run your appliances and electrical devices as reliably as if you were able to connect to the power grid.

The Tesla Powerwall is an incredibly useful tool to augment the value of your solar panels. Being able to store excess power extends the usability of solar power beyond its traditional limitations of only feeding your home or business energy when the sun is out. You can keep your power running even in times when the grid is out, and it can save you money over time by lowering your power bills. When you start looking to purchase a Tesla Powerwall, keep these 4 important benefits in mind.

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