What Types of Holiday Rentals are Available in Corsica in 2024 ?

Surrounded by blissful beaches, craggy peaks, and coastal towns, Corsica is one of the Mediterranean’s largest (fourth) islands.

The geographical diversity is matched by its richness in culture. Corsica offers unique stuff that is different from mainland France.

Not to mention, the city attracts tourists from across the globe, especially during holidays. Read and learn about the types of rentals are available in Corsica.

Types of Rentals in Corsica 

Corsica is a beautiful place to spend the holiday whether it’s summer or winter. However, you need the best vacation rental Corsica property to enjoy your stay. Below are some of the best rentals in Corsica:

Cosy bungalows on the East Coast of Corsica

The bungalows available on the East coast of Corsica provide the right conditions for a nice beach holiday. Cozy houses always have pools, especially on the coastal strip from Bastia to Sari-Solenzara. Parks also surround these houses.

Options on te east coast of Corsica include vacation rentals, villa, etc. Air conditioning is part of the standard equipment. Get a parking space for your vehicle. 

Spacious cabins with pool and sun porch

On the shores of the island of Corsica, you will find spacious villas with ocean views that provide space for the entire family. Many available villas in Corsica have their own pool and an enormous sun terrace. The serenely furnished houses offer a few bedrooms and restrooms. 

A little further inland, you will find rural country homes made of regular stone, always found directly on the mountain slant. With thick walls, this vacation rental keeps the early afternoon heat off, and little courtyards provide themselves for staying in the shade.

Field of avidanella

Situated in Costa Verde in eastern Corsica, in a big lush park of five hectares, the domaine de l’avidanella invites you to its 31 villas. From 37 to 77m2, they are comfortable and spacious and completely equipped for three to eight people.

Its family-friendly atmosphere provides villas with enormous shaded porches and individual gardens in sprout. The lush park, feet in the water, provides fragrant maquis for a walk. Also, they should have easy access to the sandy beach (tenderly inclined or youngsters can play safely).

Metropolitan lofts in Corsica’s port areas

You will find modern apartment complexes in Corsica’s capital, Ajaccio, on the west coast. In many cases, the vacation rental is a few hundred meters from the beach. It offers a magnificent view over the surroundings with big window fronts. In the old town, you will discover well-equipped studios behind notable facades. 

Spacious holiday resorts overlooking the ocean are situated close to the harbor town of Calvi in the northwest. At Porto-Vecchio in the south, regular Corsican the owners of the country homes with strong stone facades were converted into holiday lofts. Interestingly, the homes are  furnished with air conditioning and huge terraces.

Fun Activities to Explore in Corsica 

Corsica is fun-filled and there plethora of activities to engage in. Below are some fun stuff to do at Corsica:

Perfect for skiers

Corsica has more than 50 mountains with over 2000 meters of elevation and ski locales to offer. Ski slants for snowboarders and skiers can be found in the Val de ski district close to Basilica. Same in the Ghisoni-Capanelle, the ski region. In the ski locale, Asco/Stagnu, the lift was returned in 2016. You can ski from the Coscione level or the Paesolu d’Aïtone close to Evisa.

Hiking climbers

Corsica bears the appellation “mountains in the ocean.” Hiking trails here lead up to a few hundred meters of altitude. Furthermore, you can link Conca in the south of the island with Calanzana by crossing through mountains.

Along the coast, you can follow the “Tra Mare e Monti” and the “ocean and mountain” routes. The Corsican nature park “Parc Naturel régional de Corse”offers you a chance to ike and enjoy nature.

Poitevin marsh 

This uncommon site covers almost 100,000 hectares and extends beyond the boundaries between Charente-Oceanic, Deux-Sèvres, and Vendée. The Marais Poitevin is a real labyrinth of waterways fixed with ash, willow, and birch trees, which can be traveled by boat. 

A sort of jungle with a rich biological system, the green Venice (the wet piece of the Poitou bog) uncovers its appeal. Don’t miss the experience with an aide boatman who might show the water and fire. Regardless of whether you have a villa in Poitou Charentes, visit Poitevin Marsh.


A vacation trip to Corsica would convince you. However, to make this adventure remarkable, it is important that you know the kind of rental service that will meet your needs. Fortunately, there are many to choose from.