Types Of Closet Doors You Should Know

Types of closet doors

When it comes to changing the room design, the owners pay attention to a slightest detail. As far as minor upgrades are concerned, you should think about choosing a new closet door. It will help to enhance your furniture function and make the room design more aesthetically attractive.

You should consider specifics of a wooden closet door presented on https://unitedporte.us/closet-doors website. The door for a dressing room or a small closet in a room will differ. But you can always find a suitable solution that will make your bedroom or living room look more sophisticated. Check out the differences in closet door types, so that you could choose the best doors quickly.

Type 1. Sliding door

Many people believe that such doors are quite a recent invention. But in fact, they gained popularity back in the 1980s. Standard convenient doors don’t take up useful space in the room. All you need to see the closet contents is to slide the door leaf to the side with a light movement.

There are numerous options of these doors:

  • made of solid wood;
  • with decorative inserts;
  • made of glass;
  • with a mirror surface and so on.

The only disadvantage is that you won’t be able to get all the items at once if they are stored in different parts of the closet. A leaf provides access to one side and completely covers the other part. 

The structure is placed on rails, along which the doors actually move. You should monitor the moving elements condition to maintain the furniture performance for many years.

Type 2. Two-leafed doors

If there is a sliding door closet installed in your bedroom, you can choose from numerous options of convenient and uncommon doors for it. An interesting option is two-leafed models – these are two panels made of wood (or other material) with a mount between them. When you need to open the closet, you can fold the doors, so that to get full access to its contents.

The structure is fixed on the rails. But since being incredibly heavy, it can slip off the rails. Therefore, try not to make abrupt movements when opening it, so that the doors slide smoothly and don’t lose their initial position.

Type 3. Country-style sliding models

It seems that today, one of the most popular design styles is modern, high-tech, or loft. But many still prefer country motives. For each interior element to match the chosen style, you should install suitable closet doors. The outer part is decorated with accessories featuring country motifs. The doors are sliding, so they won’t take up space in the room when the closet is open.

Such a structure will be unsuitable for a modern or other design. The outer part may contain elements covered with patina, small drawings, or inserts. You should choose such a model only if it will look harmoniously in your bedroom. Otherwise, the leafs will attract unwanted attention and significantly differ from the rest design.

Type 4. Pocket doors

In old houses, you can find many elements that may seem unusual in a modern room. Closets looked like a niche in the wall – a so-called pocket. There were suitable doors for them as well. They make it possible to create a stylish room design without taking up useful space. 

The only inconvenience is that such pockets are non-standard in size. Therefore, you will have to order leafs according to your individual parameters. You will also have to prepare suitable hardware for installation, make holes in the walls in the right places. Sophisticated doors will become a perfect complement to your bedroom design, but most likely, you will have to turn to professionals for the installation.

Type 5. Swing doors

No less interesting types of closet doors are the models with a swing mechanism. They are fixed in the upper and lower parts of the leafs, so they’re convenient to swing in any direction. The doors can be fully open, making it convenient to choose your belongings from your favorite closet.

The models can be made in different sizes. Besides, you can order the leafs manufactured according to your individual measurements. They differ from the classic models by price –non-standard designed are slightly more expensive. But thus you will be able to create a unique design and make the furniture in your room more functional.

Type 6. French closet doors

Elegance and luxury are the most suitable words to describe French-style furniture. You can install the best closet doors – the French ones, with most of their surface consisting of glass. They can be hinged or sliding. Their main feature is that you’ll see every detail and item stored in your closet. You won’t have to open the leafs to choose an outfit for today. Think over the best combinations of clothes, then open the doors and take everything you need.

If you liked a hinged model, choose a suitable design for it:

  • ground glass;
  • sandblasting pattern;
  • one large glass or a few small ones separated by wooden frames.

Such models can be installed not only in a closet, but in a dressing room as well. If you have devoted a whole room to storing your belongings and it lacks lighting, feel free to install French doors. They will create an atmosphere of chic and beauty, preserving the best interior design traditions.

Type 7. Folding doors

If you’ve failed to find an affordable and beautiful door, we suggest considering another of closet doors types – folding ones. The leafs are made of panels connected to each other. When open, the door resembles an accordion, with special racks being installed through the upper part of the doorway for the structure to move.

Design of such doors depends on your preferences. These may include classic or more uncommon decoration elements that will help to create a certain atmosphere in the room. Choose a suitable coating (matte, glossy), determine the dimensions and call the manufacturer in the US. The company will offer services for selecting and installing the best doors for your closet.