What Is a Pressure-Balanced Shower System?

The temperature change during a shower can be distressing, whether it is an influx of chilled cold water or scorching warm water. 

This issue generally occurs when someone turns on the water at the fixture, flushes the toilet, fills the washing machine, or starts the dishwasher cycle. However, modern plumbing has solutions to all such annoying problems.  

The pressure-balanced shower system is one of the critical elements of modern plumbing and has become a widely popular option among builders and homeowners worldwide. This sophisticated fixture has not only revolutionized the functionalities of the bathroom but has also played an essential role in offering improved safety and comfort. 

If you are planning to design or remodel your bathroom and are looking for an intelligent shower system, then this article tailors your needs. In this article, Wellfor has explored everything you need to know about this modern shower system ranging from its components and functionalities to its benefits and installation.

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What Is meant by a Pressure-Balanced Shower System?

This shower system features an innovative shower fixture whose purpose is to uphold a persistent water temperature and pressure. It generally consists of a pressure-balancing valve that responds to changes in the supply of hot or cold water and guarantees that the temperature of the water remains the same even if changes are observed in the water pressure. 

Does your home have a problem with frequent changes in water pressure? If yes, then this shower system is the ideal choice as it is designed to keep the water temperature consistent irrespective of sudden changes in water temperature and offer you a safer and more comfortable shower experience.

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Components of Pressure-Balanced Shower System?

Like other shower systems, the pressure-balanced shower system also consists of a shower head, arm, flange, pipe, faucet set, and valve. The only thing that differentiates this shower system from others is its pressure-balanced valve. 

You must be wondering what this valve looks like. It is either a handle or a lever that enables users to regulate both the temperature and flow rate of water. The valve operates by controlling the ratio of hot to cold water and adjusting it in a way so that you always get water at your preferred temperature. 

Whenever the water pressure changes either from the cold or hot water supply, the valve will swiftly respond to this change and you will not feel any impact on the water temperature. All you have to do to have an enjoyable shower experience is turn the handle, as whenever you turn it you are controlling both the temperature and volume of water simultaneously. 

Working of Pressure-Balanced Shower System

If you are interested in installing a pressure-balanced shower system in your bathroom, then it is very necessary to understand how this shower system works. 

The fundamental part of this shower system is its pressure-balanced valve, and it works according to its name, i.e., responds to the changes in the water pressure, whether it is from the cold side or the hot side. 

The valve works with a simple rule of upholding a stable flow of water between the cold and hot sides no matter what the water pressure is and how frequently it changes. The valve, though, controls the water temperature but cannot sense the changes in water temperature as it is designed to respond to the changes in water pressure only. There is a diaphragm or spool inside the valve that is sensitive to the changes in water pressure of the water supply coming from either the hot or cold side and regulates the outflow of the opposite water supply to balance. 

So, after installing this shower system, you do not have to worry about sudden changes in water temperature while taking a shower, even if someone has flushed the toilet or turned the dishwasher on, as this innovative pressure-balanced valve will manage everything seamlessly. 

Benefits of Shower System

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  • Safety and Comfort

Sudden changes in temperature, either icy chilled or burning warm, may lead to accidents like burnout or slipping in the bathroom, especially if there are kids or older adults at your home. However, the pressure-balanced shower system helps you to ensure a safe and comfortable shower experience by ensuring a consistent water temperature despite any changes in the water pressure. 

  • Adaptability and Versatility

Whether your bathroom possesses a traditional design or you have designed it according to a contemporary modern style, this shower system is both versatile and adaptable enough to integrate easily into any of the bathroom designs and promises to offer a great shower experience. 

  • Conserves Water

Another significant advantage of installing this shower system is that it reinforces the efforts of water conservation. With its ability to offer consistent water temperature, you will not have to waste water to adjust the water temperature. Moreover, it will also help to decrease the electricity consumption related to water heating. 

  • User-friendliness

The simple operating principle of this valve further increases the value of this valve. This is the reason that you can safely use this system in the bathroom of your kids or older adults as anyone can easily adjust the water temperature via this valve. 

  • Affordability

Unlike other shower systems, the pressure-balanced shower system is an affordable option and allows you to enjoy your shower without burdening your pockets. 

Installation and Maintenance

To enjoy the total advantage of a pressure-balanced shower system, you should have installed it by professionals or experts to have precise placement and adjustment. Moreover, to ensure the proper functioning of this system, regular maintenance is always recommended. You should look for any kind of leaks and monitor the performance of the valve. 


To conclude, the pressure-balanced power system is the best choice to ensure a safe, convenient, comfortable, and enjoyable shower experience for all ages.