Reasons Why It Might Be Time to Replace Your Carpet

Even the brand new carpet you once had gets old and dirty at some point, and you will need to replace it. Proper maintenance and usage of the carpet may help extend its life, but once it reaches its threshold, you may have no other choice than to get rid of it. has helped many homeowners in replacing their old carpets. So, if you notice the following signs, call them to assist you with something new.

You No Longer Like the Color

If you don’t like the pattern or color of your carpet or have just changed to a new style, we can offer another choice for you. Our store has carpets that come with varieties of colors to match your style. So, if you feel the style is outdated or would like to change the color, it may be time to change the carpet.

Too Many Stains on the Carpet

Carpets survive the test of time, and if you find that you have to place furniture over the many stains on the carpet, it is time to replace it. This will work if cleaning the stains has also failed. Most carpets have a stain-resistant feature when new. However, with time, the treatment goes away and your carpet gets easily stained. We know about cleaning stains from drinks, pet urine, droppings, molds, and food. However, if the stains remain even after professional cleaning, it may be time to replace it.

Increased Allergies

Dirty and old carpets harbor allergens from pet hair, dust mites, and others. This leads to increased allergies. If you find out there are increased cases of allergies, and you suspect the carpet is the source, it may be a good reason to replace it.

Wear and Tear

Do you have worn-out parts on the carpet? Is the carpet fading in areas with high foot traffic? If you find yourself always using furniture and rugs to cover areas, it may be time to call professionals for replacement. The professionals can make the necessary repairs, but if the tears are large, it is a sign that the carpet should be replaced.

Odor That Will Not Go Away

From pet urine to spills and other kinds of dirt, you may notice a bad smell in the house. However, the smell should go away once you clean the carpet. If the smell remains even after deep cleaning, it means that it has penetrated deep into the fibers. You might also start noticing mold growth. In a case where the smell will not go away, we recommend calling professionals to replace your carpet for a fresh and new smell.

Old Age

You may not have all the above problems, but the carpet may be old now. Even with proper care, your carpet cannot last forever. A quality carpet should last for about ten years before you replace it. Some of the signs of old age include ripping edges, wrinkles, fading, no adding support, and matting. So, if your carpet is on borrowed time, consider replacing it.


If you are experiencing one or several problems mentioned above, it is time to update your carpet. We can help you get the right carpet for your home and offer cleaning services. Therefore, if you want to replace an old, worn-out, or outdated carpet, call us.

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