3 Roof Problems That Require Professional Attention

Having a roof is fundamental to any property. It ensures comfort, allows protection from various elements, and assists you in controlling the temperature inside your home or office. 

Ideally, a well-built roof is made to last long. However, it will not come as a surprise if you encounter any issues as time goes by. They can happen because of wear and tear, while lack of proper maintenance may also cause other problems. Luckily, some of these issues are controllable or even preventable.

When dealing with roofing issues, some people would go the DIY route and rely on the internet for quick solutions. Although doing so may have its benefits, some roof problems are best left to the professionals. Learn more about these roofing issues below. 

  • Roof Leaks

A water leak can signify that your roof has skylight leaks, vent issues, or damaged shingles, tiles, and flashing. These roof issues call for immediate attention, and not addressing these kinds of problems can cost you thousands of dollars.

Some kinds of dangers of having a leaky roof can result in are:

  • Fire Hazard: A roof with water leaks can cause a fire hazard when such leaks reach any electrical wiring resulting in a short-circuit.
  • Damage To The Attic Or Ceiling: The leak can result in ceiling stains and cause damage to the paint, lights, and fans. Worse, it can weaken the structure of your ceiling’s drywall if it quickly absorbs the water. Undermining this issue can cause your ceiling to collapse without you expecting it.
  • Higher Utility Costs: Water entrance can cause damage to your insulation. This can result in your home taking more time to have a cooler indoor temperature, resulting in higher electricity bills.
  • Mold And Mildew: Mold spores can sprout in 12 to 48 hours under the right kind of conditions, like darkness and moisture. When molds are left to grow behind the ceiling or walls, they can advance well into your HVAC system.

Overall, call a professional to provide a lasting solution to water leaks. There are many roofing companies you can choose from, and you can learn more here about how they resolve this roofing issue.

  • Poor Ventilation 

Roof vents exist to keep your house properly ventilated. However, if your vent has issues, you can expect your home to become extremely hot or cold, depending on the season. If your roof or attic has poor ventilation, the temperature can rise by 150 degrees Fahrenheit and beyond.

To note, undermining ventilation can cause higher energy costs. This is because the hot air has nowhere to go, causing your air conditioner to work extra hard. In addition, lack of proper ventilation can result in structural damage to your roof, cause rust buildup, and promote mold and algae growth. Over time, these problems can lead you to have more work in limiting the damage.

Another problem due to poor ventilation is that the damp and moist air can cause your decking and trusses to become spongy and cause your roof to sag as time goes by.

Furthermore, ice dam buildup is a clear indicator of a roofing problem. Ice dams happen when the trapped air causes packets of condensation that gradually start to freeze above each other. These ice dams don’t only cause damage to your roof, walls, ceiling, and home. They can also cause safety concerns to people who’ll walk near them.

You may believe that poor ventilation is easily remedied. However, leave it to the experts if you want it addressed properly. A certified roofing provider will either install a new vent or repair the old ones to resolve this issue.

  • Damaged Shingles

Shingles are your roof’s first line of protection, and they absorb most pressure from external forces. However, shingle damage can happen, and it’s one of the roof problems you can encounter. 

Roof shingles may show signs of damage as a result of deterioration. However, shingle damage can also be caused by other factors. For example, broken, missing, and torn shingles may be caused by impact, wind, or foot traffic. 

Another indication of shingle issues is when your aging shingles curl, cup, or become brittle. Other problems include shingles with roof nails protruding from them. This can lead to roof leaks and is a symptom that needs to be replaced. 

Similarly, shingle damage can be an indication of a larger problem. Poor ventilation, for example, could be the cause of your roof losing shingles. 

Although many people think it’s easy to replace the shingles themselves, it’s better to call for professional help to avoid wasting resources on DIY repairs that may only aggravate the problem.


Having a reliable roof is essential as it can protect you and your family from harmful weather elements and ensure your home’s comfort. However, because they do so much work, issues can occur due to poor maintenance or aging. 

Fortunately, these issues can be managed and prevented by having roof-related repairs and replacements. But, do note that it’s best left to professionals who have the experience and capability to do such things. So, if you see signs and some roofing issues included in this article, don’t hesitate to make the call. 

Humna Chaudhary
Humna is a freelance writer, more than 2 years of experience , I writes and publishes articles on lots of high-quality Tech, General, Health, Fashion sites. . For more information contact me on [email protected]

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