Popular Door Installation Styles on the Market for 2022

The door of your house is not only the gateway inside, but an important style choice as well. It’s one of the first things people see when they approach your home, as well as where people usually spend a bit of time after knocking. When it comes to doors, you have lots of different choices in color and style. You’re not limited to just your front door, either: every interior door is another opportunity to personalize your home to your taste. 

Are you in need of some style inspiration for your door installation project? Here are a few of the most popular styles on the market in 2022! This information is brought to you by our team offering door installation Plano.

Choosing Interior Doors

When you’re shopping for new interior doors, you’ll be looking for something that fits your home, your family, and your taste. Here are a few factors to take into consideration when you’re choosing new doors.

  • Does the door match your home’s style? Mixing and matching styles can be fun, but there comes a point where it can look odd- for example, a barn door in a modern, modular home would look out of place.
  • What color are you looking for? Doors are a great way to add a pop of color to your home if you want to. Maybe you have a hallway that’s been done up in neutral colors and you’d like to add a door at the end in a deep red or a powder blue.
  • Are there any safety considerations that need to be factored in? Especially for families with young children, safety is an important factor. You may need to look for doors with soft-closing features or doors which are easy to jimmy in an emergency.
  • What material would you like? Most doors are made of wood, but there are some styles made out of other materials such as medium-density fiberboard or even PVC. 

Traditional Interior Doors

Chances are that when you think of an interior door, a classic wooden interior door is the first thing that comes to your mind. These doors often feature a few wooden panels and swing open and shut- it may sound basic, but depending on how the panels are arranged, the color you choose, and what handles you decide on, it can be a simple and lovely accent to your home.

Barn Doors

Barn doors have become increasingly popular over the past several years. They are typically on a sliding track rather than hinges, and they often feature large planks of wood. Homes with a “farmhouse” style may have barn doors leading into the kitchen or used as closet doors, and they can be painted any color- though most people choose a light wood, white, or gray. 

Flush-to-Wall Doors

Flush-to-wall doors are a sleek choice for homes with a more modern style. Their distinctive feature is that the doorframe is concealed, bringing the door flush with the wall. Some of these doors even have an option to hide their handles!

Fold-Out Doors

Typically used for closets, a fold-out door folds in on itself as it opened. Tri-fold doors and double-fold doors are fairly common in American homes and apartments and can be a great space-saver for small homes.

French Doors

French doors are a wonderful way to add a bit of a fancy vibe to a room or even out onto a balcony. They’re usually installed as a pair, allowing someone to open them out with a flourish. Most have large panes of glass, allowing plenty of natural light to come in. Some people choose to put sheer curtains on their French doors, which adds some privacy as well as light filtering.

Popular Front Door Installation Styles

The front door is one of the most important parts of your house’s curb appeal, though it may seem like a small decision. It gives a first impression of the vibe of your home, welcomes visitors, and can even make your house stand out from those around it. Humans form opinions within seconds of encountering something for the first time, and homes are no exception. Here are a few popular styles that you might consider for your front door.

Modern Front Doors

If you’re looking to bring a clean, polished, modern look to your home, a modern-style front door is a great way to go. They’re often made of metal and usually come in dark colors, lending a sophisticated look to any house.

Black interior doors tend to make a bold statement by adding drama to your room. Though black doors might seem a bit odd choice, they provide a timeless look as they are considered to be the new neutral. Black interior doors look amazing in any style of home as they blend well with all types of flooring and walls colors. These doors elevate any space, making it look a bit more dressier and elegant.

Windowed Front Doors

Many front doors have glass on the top half so that the homeowner can see out when they are answering the door. Some have glass panels at the very top, allowing light to come through but maintaining greater privacy. The glass is often frosted or distressed in some way, so you can end up with a lovely prism during certain times of the day if you choose this type of door.

Panel Doors 

Just like interior doors, panel doors are a classic and timeless choice for your exterior doors too. Keep in mind that you can choose how the panels are arranged- whether you’d like them in a rectangle, stacked on top of each other, or something else, there’s a door out there for you.

Decorative or Custom Doors

Don’t be afraid to get fancy! Your front door is an expression of your home and style and if you’re not finding anything you like, custom doors are an option. From decorative designs carved into the door, to custom shapes like arches, the options are limitless. Just make sure to speak with a contractor and make sure your front door dreams are structurally possible.

Who Do I Call for Door Installation?

Once you have your new doors picked out, it’s time to get them installed! Often, when you purchase doors, you have the option to add on installation to your purchase. You may even have this option for free if you purchase a certain number of doors. However, if you decide not to do this, a contractor can perform the installation relatively easily. Be aware that if your doors are custom-made, the cost of door installation will likely go up. 

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