The Progression Of Access Control Technology

Access control technology has advanced tremendously in the past few years. Commercial security has become faster, safer, and managed at the palm of your hand. A few of the major trends that we are seeing are wireless, no-touch access, and IP technologies. In addition, in the future, we might even see Biometric locks, Bluetooth based security or something altogether different. It is a link level security system that enforces authorization for any access through encryption. As technology advances, so too must our security systems.

One of the largest door access control trends is remote access. Remote access is so useful because it is simple, easy to use, and can be used anywhere. Whether you are at home working, at vacation, or at work, you can manage your security system remotely. It brings great peace of mind. 

Furthermore, this system allows the employer to lock and unlock doors, as well as restrict or give access to certain parts of the building. Another part of access control is having touchless entry. One of the newest trends is face recognition. It is so popular because employees and employers no longer want to touch elevator buttons, door handles, or other high-touch surfaces. Instead, touchless entry allows designated to enter with an app or facial recognition technology. We predict this trend will grow tremendously in the near future. 

Access control allows you to gain complete control of your building. Furthermore, it allows for total visibility over who enters and exits your building. Similarly, some systems can send access codes to employees for them to gain access to highly secure parts of your business. As a result, access control tracks all movements. In addition, door access control triggers alarms when there are any security breaches. Not having to worry about security threats offer tremendous peace of mind. Lastly, there are all-inclusive systems. You only need one system for all doors, all locks, in one place. As a result, it simplifies your life and allows you to focus on building your business.

An Atlanta Locksmith said, “Over the years technology has progressed significantly in the access control space, allowing commercial businesses to become even more secure while increasing ease of use.” Therefore, all commercial businesses should seriously consider getting an access control system. As a result, access control technology is one of the newest, best trends. 

Electronic Locks

Electronic locks have become very popular in the last few years. Although these locks started out as battery-operated machines, they have now become cutting-edge technology. They are controlled through an app for excellent security. This has been a major shift for businesses, as theft and unauthorized entry are significant issues. However, these locks are incredibly secure and have given back security and control to the business owners. In addition, business owners never have to worry about lockouts, ever again. Experts predict this trend will continue for at least the next five to ten years. 

2021 and Onward

We predict that access control will gain an even bigger footing in the commercial and residential marketplace. Remote access, wireless technology, ease of use, and security features are becoming increasingly useful. In addition, IP-address access control, which wires to the business’ existing internet connection, will continue to be heavily used. It is less costly than some other systems and today each door doesn’t have to be wired. It’s a seamless technology that is affordable and user-friendly.

In addition, another trend we expect to continue is biometrics. Biometrics offer one of the most secure forms of access control. Furthermore, biometric access points can be added anywhere, from elevators, offices, doors, locks, and more. Some use a fingerprint, palm vein, facial recognition or iris scan. In addition, it is easily one of the safest systems on the market. We are excited to see this trend continue to grow. 

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