Don’t avoid cleaning your gutters; get gutter guards instead

No one loves cleaning gutters, but you don’t want to wait. The negative outcome of avoiding cleaning your gutters can be significant.

We have the top five things you can avoid when you clean your gutters

Number one – mildew and mould

Clogged rain gutters can cause stagnant water and debris to create mould fast and reach within your home through the roof cavity. Furthermore, moist and warm environments are conducive for mould growth. Mould can cause serious threats to your health if the spores in the air are inhaled. If you inhale mouldy particles, you may develop an allergy attack, along with sinus and respiratory problems such as pneumonia.

Number two – Rodents and pests

Your blocked gutter may look very inviting for animals such as mice, rats and birds. The vegetation clogging your gutters can provide a good food source that is inviting for pests.If your gutters have a rotted area, pests such as insects or small animals may be able to enter your home through the roof cavity. This can be a significant problem, as it can be very difficult to clean them once they have entered your walls.

Number three – damage to your home

One of the most significant repercussions of not frequently cleaning your gutters is structural damage to your roof and your house. When water can’t pass through, rainwater can sit stagnantly and damage your home’s fascia, roof, exterior paint, and foundations. Not cleaning your gutters can lead to water damage, and blockages stop gutters from doing their job. It only takes a small amount of water to create a big issue.

Number four – foul odour

Blocked gutters can cause decomposing vegetation to expel an unpleasant smell. In addition, clutter in your gutters can also make your home look rundown and old.

Number five – ruin your garden

When water can’t move through your gutters due to blockages, the rainwater will flow over the top of your gutters. The volume of water hitting the lawns or garden below, especially during a storm, could cause plant root rot and waterlog. So if you love your garden and want to spend time landscaping then you have to take care of your garden.

Number six – issues with insurance

Failing to maintain your gutters from obstructing can result in your home’s insurance bills going up. If your insurance provider determines that the damage on your property was brought on by neglecting your gutters, the damage may not be covered. Nevertheless, if your insurance company acknowledges that damage due to blocked gutters is covered under your policy, filing a claim may result in the price for that work to increase. Take the proactive approach and keep your gutters clean to prevent these issues.

Best tips of gutter cleaning

Gutter cleaning can be a tedious and time-consuming, especially if you have to do it multiple times. Not to mention, it can also be dangerous if you don’t have the proper safety equipment or are not comfortable working on a ladder. If you’re tired of constantly cleaning your gutters and want a solution to keep them clean all year round, consider investing in a gutter cleaning system.

Several options are available on the market, and choosing one that is right for your home and budget is important. One option is installing a gutter guard, which is a barrier preventing debris from entering your gutters. While gutter guards are not 100% foolproof and may still require some maintenance, they can significantly reduce the amount of debris that accumulates in your gutters and decrease the frequency of cleaning. They come in various materials, such as plastic, metal, or foam, and can be easily attached to your existing gutters.

Another option is to install a gutter protection system, such as Guttershield. This product is made of a durable mesh material that is installed over your existing gutters and allows water to flow through while blocking leaves, twigs, and other debris. It is also resistant to extreme weather conditions and can withstand heavy snow and ice.

Before choosing a gutter protection system, it’s essential to have a professional safety of your roof and gutters to determine the best solution for your home. A reputable company should be able to provide a transparent quote and give you an idea of how long the installation process will take and how much maintenance will be required.

In summary, investing in a gutter protection system is an excellent way to avoid the tedious and potentially dangerous task of gutter cleaning and ensure that your gutters remain clean all year round. By choosing the right product and having it installed by professionals, you can save time, money, and energy on gutter maintenance and protect your home from damage caused by clogged gutters.