The benefits of choosing sustainable insulation

Throughout the construction industry there is a big push these days on sustainable materials. People are taking more interest in their carbon footprint, and therefore want sustainable products. That goes for all types of building materials, and insulation is no exception.

But what exactly is sustainable insulation? Many people have a view that ‘sustainable’ means lower quality or higher price, but that’s not the case. New homes throughout Australia are built with sustainable materials and people are seeing the benefits in their hip pocket as well as to the environment. Let’s find out more about sustainable insulation, and how it can help your family and the planet.

What is sustainable insulation?

Sustainable insulation means much the same anything else with the word ‘sustainable’ before it. It’s a product made using more renewable materials, so it impacts less on the environment. Sustainability refers to the process used to make a product, or in fact the materials used in a product. Ideally, sustainable products will encompass both aspects.

When it comes to insulation, some forms of sustainable home insulation are made using recycled materials such as glass. Not only is it great for the environment, but also has thermal performance, acoustic and fire performance benefits. 

Other sustainable insulation is made with eco-friendly technology, such as no added formaldehyde for binding. Older types of insulation use petro-chemicals in their production, but sustainable ones use bio-based materials that work just as well.

The benefits of sustainable insulation

If you’re looking for ceiling insulation, for example, there are plenty of benefits to going sustainable. Firstly, there are the environmental benefits. Insulation made from recycled glass and bio-based materials is les harmful to the planet, but there are other benefits too.

Sustainable insulation with no added formaldehyde, for example, is far softer to handle. It’s easier to install and there’s less dust to battle with. For someone installing wall insulation, ceiling insulation or even insulating under their floor, this ease of use is important.

Then there are the performance benefits. Products made with 80% recycled glass have a great thermal performance, as well as aiding in the soundproofing and fire-proofing qualities.

Also, we can’t forget about the financial benefits. Because sustainable insulation is so effective, it saves you money every single day. By reducing your energy costs, you can be certain that insulation will end up paying for itself several times over.

Is all modern insulation sustainable?

Not all modern insulation is sustainable. Like most industries, the insulation sector is constantly evolving, but not every product on the market can legitimately carry a ‘sustainable’ tag. While you may find good performance from non-sustainable insulation products, they may not have all the benefits of going sustainable.

When you’re shopping for sustainable insulation, look carefully at why it’s sustainable. If you want eco-friendly products for your home, don’t be afraid to ask exactly what makes a product sustainable. If you’re not satisfied with the answer, keep shopping around, because there are plenty of incredible sustainable insulation options out there.

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