Epoxy Resin Gold Leaf Cabinet Knobs

Almost everyone you speak with most likely tells you that there is something about their kitchen that they’d love to change. From colors to cabinets, to a total remodel, refreshing your kitchen space is much easier said than done.

But one of our favorite kitchen upgrade hacks is in the tiny details. Cabinet knobs are easy to overlook but can transform your space. With a little epoxy resin, and detailing of your choice you can create a custom piece that brings your kitchen a little closer to your dream space.

Why Epoxy Resin

You might be wondering why we’re recommending epoxy resin for this project. But epoxy resin has many benefits. Aside from the ability to create a completely unique piece, epoxy resin is extremely durable, UV resistant, and FDA food safe. It is also one of the quickest and cheapest ways to create a custom solution for your kitchen. 

Getting Started with Epoxy Resin

Working with epoxy resin can be pretty straightforward if you follow the proper directions and select the proper epoxy resin for your project. 

First, get started by selecting a proper epoxy resin. You’ll want to look for something that is produced in the U.S.A, has no harmful VOCs, FDA food-safe, and an art resin epoxy created specifically for arts and crafting. 

With the right product on hand, you can now start to gather the remainder of your materials. As with many crafts, you’ll want to make sure that your space is set up properly with a drop cloth, stirring sticks, as well as containers for measuring and moving your epoxy around. And depending on what creative liberties you’d like to take with your cabinet knobs, you can add mica powder and glitter.

Mixing Epoxy Resin

With all of your materials at the ready, you can begin your epoxy resin mixture. It’s important that everything is ready including your silicone models for the pouring. This is because each epoxy resin has a unique working time that can be from 20 minutes to an hour – be sure to read your specific bottle.

To mix your epoxy correctly, you will have an easy 1:1 ratio between the two bottles. It’s recommended that you use an online epoxy resin calculator to figure out exactly how much you need.

Perfecting Your Epoxy Resin Pour

With the properly mixed epoxy resin, and colors added in you can now begin to pour your cabinet knobs and add in your desired materials, like a gold leaf for example.

When you’re pouring into your molds, be sure that you’re keeping your mixture close to the mold. By keeping your pour close you’re reducing the possibility of splashing and air bubbles.

With the epoxy in the molds, the only step left is to let it cure and harden! And just like the working time of epoxy, the curing time is also unique for each brand. Be sure to read your specific bottle to understand how long your project needs. From there you can add the proper hardware to mount and install. 

Full Supply List Epoxy Resin Cabinet Knobs

  • Drop cloth
  • 3 mixing pails
  • Mixing sticks
  • Silicone molds
  • Mica powder
  • Gold Leaf
  • Craft Epoxy Resin
  • PPE (masks, gloves, goggles)

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