Reasons for the Decline of Popularity of Distressed Kitchen Cabinets

From North America to Europe, companies that manufacture distressed cabinets; cabinet designs whose immense popularity was incomparable a few years ago are watching their fortunes plummet uncontrollably. Reason? The popularity of distressed-style cabinets is on a very sharp decline.  If you love distressed-style cabinets and have been wondering why they are nowadays not so common, this article is meant for you. Continue reading it to learn more about the plummeting popularity of distressed kitchen cabinets, including whether or not it is bad news to homeowners. 

About Distressed Kitchen Cabinets

Whenever everyone expects a favorable landing, one must brace for impact. That is the lesson distressed cabinets have taught everyone. At a time when everyone expected them to trend like never before, distressed-style cupboard designs seemingly lost their significance and so, popularity. 

Interestingly, the features that made distressed kitchen cabinets trend uniquely a few years ago are the reasons for their plummeting popularity. These include the following; 

  1. Classic Outlooks

Generally speaking, the majority of distressed-style cabinetry designs seem wholesomely traditional in terms of outlooks. Now that homeowners are highly attracted to modern kitchen interior designs, the classic demeanors of these drawers prove inapplicable as far as kitchen interior design is concerned. 

  1. Practical Layouts

At some point in time, distressed kitchen cabinets trended wildly, thanks to the fact that their layouts emphasized practicality at the expense of visual beauty. But now that modern-style cabinets have inspired homeowners to go for cabinets whose design features promote eye-catchiness more than functionality, distressed cabinets seem to lose fame. 

  1. Natural Wood Material

As notable wood-based cabinet designs, distressed cabinets attracted many admirers a few years ago. As you know, many people consider wood cabinets as longer-lasting and tougher. With the spread of artificial cabinets, however, distressed cabinets have kept on losing their fan base. Many people now consider them not only traditional but also less durable, thanks to the proven fact that natural wood, unlike artificial materials, stems from classic fashion and is more susceptible to damage. 

Are Distressed Kitchen Cabinets Worth It? 

The fact that distressed cabinets have lost a significant proportion of their fan base doesn’t in any way imply that they are not worthwhile as far as kitchen interior design is concerned. Thanks to their characteristics, distressed kitchen cabinets prove valuable even in the face of their declining popularity. 

If you doubt the fact that distressed-style cabinetry designs are worth it in post-modern interior design, try considering the following; 

  • Distressed Cabinets are Convenient to Work With

When compared with dozens of traditional and modern kitchen cabinets, distressed kitchen cabinets seem easier to work with, thanks to their unique classic-based attributes. Unlike many modern cabinets, these drawers rhyme well with dozens of interior designs, from classic to modern interior design fashion trends. 

  • Distressed Cabinets are Cheaper to Acquire and Maintain

Arguably, the fact that the majority of traditional-style drawer designs are inexpensive to deal with proves distressed kitchen cabinet designs valuable. With these drawers, one can unfathomably lower the costs of an interior design, including maintenance costs. Thanks to their simplistic design features and bare wood finishing options, distressed cabinet designs don’t need much resource when it comes to styling. 

Will Distressed Kitchen Cabinets Come Back to Fashion?

Certainly yes! Like many cabinetry designs, distressed kitchen cabinets boast the potential to trend again after spending time out of interior design fashion. The following facts prove the fact that distressed cabinets will come back to fashion any time soon. 

  1. Modern-style distressed Cabinets are Out

In a bid to save their plummeting fortunes, cabinet manufacturers are now developing contemporary-looking distressed cabinetry designs. Some of these drawer varieties are already out and are set to uncontrollably drive the kitchen interior design industry to a frenzy courtesy of the high-end features they showcase. 

According to various cabinet manufacturers, the release of modern-style distressed cabinets is more likely to reincarnate the seemingly dying popularity of all distressed cabinetry designs as time goes by. 

  1. Natural Wood is Becoming Prominent in Interior Design

Do you know that the popularity of bare wood materials in interior design is currently on a high rise? Well, for this reason, wood-based cabinetry designs, including distressed kitchen cabinets, are expected to stand out as fashionable again. 

Evidence garnered from the world of interior design suggests that the more homeowners consider buying natural wood cabinets, the more distressed cabinetry designs will continue garnering as many admirers as possible. 

How to Make Distressed Kitchen Cabinets Seem Fashionable

#1: Install Cabinet Accessories

One sure way to make distressed cupboard designs seem fashionable every day is by accessorizing them. You can go for traditional or ultra-modern accessories depending on the overall outlook that you want the cabinetry to project. The good thing about distressed-style cabinetries is that they are significantly easy to style.  

#2: Consider Cabinet Outfitting

If you try changing the shape, layout, and color of distressed cabinets, you can easily make them seem fashionable in terms of everything that describes them. As already mentioned, most distressed cabinet models are wood-based. Hence, be sure that you will enjoy the process of outfitting your distressed kitchen cabinets

#3: Ensure Regular Cleaning

In your bid to make distressed-style cupboards look fashionable, you must never forget about cleaning them. In the absence of a regular cleaning routine, distressed cabinets, like many cabinet designs, can easily look not only untidy but also old-school and so, less fashionable than you can imagine. 

How Can I Locate Distressed Kitchen Cabinets for Sale?

Distressed kitchen cabinet designs are typically sold on furniture-selling sites, online and offline. Besides reading interior design articles and magazines, you can do the following to locate distressed cabinetry designs for sale; 

  • Consult interior design and cabinet manufacturing professionals
  • Conduct market research online and offline
  • Visit platforms 

Final Thoughts

Their declining popularity notwithstanding, distressed kitchen cabinets are worth it in interior design. These drawers are set to trend some years to come, thanks to the fact that they are not only cheap to access and acquire but also friendlier to deal with. Because they match the aesthetics of several interior designs, working with them is not more, nor less, astoundingly convenient.