Explore The Design Options  By Using Distressed Kitchen Cabinets 

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Distressed kitchen cabinets, some of the most iconic classic-style cabinet varieties, are currently enjoying enormous popularity in the global interior design industry. To many people, the fact that the most traditional-looking cabinets are trending in the 21st-century interior design industry is baffling. 

While so many classic-style cabinets have declined in popularity over the last few years, distressed cabinets have reportedly become hotcakes in the industry. In this article, we aim to discuss everything about distressed-style kitchen cabinets to find out why they boast the fastest-rising popularity. 

Read on to discover more about distressed kitchen cabinet designs.

About Distressed Kitchen Cabinets

Some of the popularly known traditional cabinetry designs that have proved relevant for more than a century are distressed kitchen cabinets. Undoubtedly, courtesy of unique finishes typical of weathered wood, they have remarkably set unbeatable standards, all of which have with time proved them prestigious. 

To homeowners attracted to interior décor items that seem a little weird or surreal mostly in terms of physical appearance and are traditional, distressed cabinets are a good idea. Apart from finishes typical of weathered wood, here are the distinguishing features of distressed cabinets.  

  • Natural Wood Material Components

If there are no emblematic natural wood cabinets, then how can we explain distressed cabinets? For your information, they are the most common wood-based cabinets. The majority of distressed-style cabinetries feature oak, maple, hickory, teak, mahogany, and other select pristine hardwood varieties in terms of material features. 

Generally speaking, thanks to the fact that they are majorly wood-based, distressed-style cabinet models boast unparalleled longer lifespans and stand out as some of the most versatile cabinetry designs on the planet. 

  • Fascinating Practical Values

Truthfully, distressed kitchen cabinets impress more in terms of performance than visual aesthetics. Armed with high-quality material features of natural wood, they can last unusually long regardless of how you use them. Moreover, distressed cabinets can absorb and retain paint, not to mention the fact the fact they are scratch and impact-resistant. 

When used as a tools for achieving an interior design, distressed cabinet constructions can prove practically invaluable. They are compatible with multiple aesthetic styles, not to mention varieties of interior layout designs. 

Top-Trending Distressed Kitchen Cabinets

  1. Shaker-Style Distressed Cabinets

Shaker-style cabinets are some of the top-notch distressed cabinet designs. From a historical perspective, they have been around from time immemorial. Recent years have seen them become common features in suburban homes, thanks to their proven valuable aspects, including flexibility in matching traditional and modern visual aesthetics. 

If you decide to go for shaker-style distressed kitchen cabinets, you can choose either traditional or modern-style varieties, for example, conventional and slim-style shaker cabinets respectively, all of which have sparked interesting debates in the interior design industry. 

  1. Ready-to-assemble (RTA) Distressed Kitchen Cabinets

Straddling the frontlines, as far as modern kitchen cabinet trends are concerned, RTA cabinets are some of the versatile brands that feature cupboard models with distressed appeals. As classic-style RTA cabinets continue to trend, distressed varieties are bound to baffle a huge segment of the homeowners’ population, thanks to their additional offerings. 

In as much as distressed RTA cabinets seem prestigious and are cheaper to acquire than any other RTA cupboard model, they are invaluably practical, especially in terms of performance. Thanks to their distressed finishes, the majority of the drawers can resist tear and wear, absorb and retain paint or stain, as well as withstand scratching, impacts, and corrosion. 

  1. Modern Wood Distressed Cabinets

Ideally, wood cabinets ringing in the New Year with another round of enhanced modern-style models is a testament to the fact that they are still climbing up the ladder of prominence in the interior design industry. Modern-style distressed kitchen cabinets constructed from natural wood are some of the statement-making wood cupboard models set to baffle homeowners this year. 

Like all distressed cabinets, modern wood distressed-style cupboard varieties prove worthwhile courtesy of prestigious visual aesthetics and enhanced functional values. They are also compatible with the aesthetic styling options of both traditional and modern interior designs. 

Tips for Styling a Kitchen Space with Distressed Cabinets

For your information, the secret to successfully using distressed cabinets in a kitchen remodeling affair is based on the following; 

#1: Incorporation of Multiple Material Textures

By mixing a variety of material fabrics and finishes in a pantry adorned with distressed cabinets, you can easily transform its overall appearance. Distressed kitchen cabinets can match a variety of material textures, from plastics to metals, laminates, and natural materials like natural wood. 

Thus, they call for the installation of varying textures in any type of interior into which they are fixed. The degree to which you can mix materials in an interior with distressed cabinets needs to be determined by not only the overall visual demeanor of the interior in question but also the décor accessories at hand as well as the outlook of the cabinetries. 

#2: Regular Maintenance

For a space with distressed-style cupboards to prove all-time stylish, it must be well-maintained. Note that maintenance here relates to regular cleaning and service routines. Regular cleaning can prove effective in eliminating elements that can make a space and décor accessories inside it look out-of-place

On the other hand, time-to-time servicing of cabinets can prove invaluable in terms of enhancing the lifespan of the cabinetries as well as the visual aesthetic styles that define the interior in which the cabinets are.

#3: Incorporation of Cabinet Accessories

A variety of cabinet accessories can do well in terms of enhancing the attractiveness of a kitchen adorned with distressed-style cupboards. Because the majority of distressed kitchen cabinets have proven harmony with diverse material textures, you can go for cabinet accessories and fixtures adorned with metallic, plastic, ceramics, or natural wood materials. 

Cabinet accessories work well with both classic and modern cabinets. However, when accessorizing classic-style cabinet designs, you need to go minimalist as much as possible unless you want to spoil the simplistic demeanors of the drawers. 

Final Thoughts

If you have ever considered owning stylish classic-style cabinet varieties, distressed kitchen cabinets are perfect for you. As of now, they are some of the traditional cabinet designs many modern homeowners are in search of. Regardless of the overall size, shape, or color of your kitchen space, distressed cabinets can prove valuable to you.