Carpet Cleaning Sydney: 6 Effective Tips to Keep Carpets Clean

As Australia’s largest city, the current population of Sydney is about to surpass five million people. Sydney also tops Australian cities in terms of property value. Sydney Tower, Sydney Harbour Bridge, and Sydney Olympic Park are just some of the many attractions of  New South Wales’ capital city.  

Last year, the average price of Sydney properties was AUD873,000. Thus, it is important to protect your home’s carpeting, whether it’s ultra-popular soft and durable nylon or another variety. Regardless of the type of carpeting your NSW home has, you can maintain it between  treatments with these tips:  

Vacuum Your Carpeting Regularly 

This is one of the most effective ways to keep carpets clean. Even if you have a basic commercial vacuum, it can help pick up dirt and prevent it from getting embedded deep into the carpet’s fibers. 

Here’s how you should . Try to take this step at least once weekly. However, based on the amount of foot traffic your carpeting gets, you might need to vacuum two or three times weekly. For example, if you live near Sydney beaches your family and guests will be tracking in lots of sand. One of the mistakes homeowners make when vacuuming carpeting is going too quickly. Here’s a cleaning hack: The more traffic a carpet gets, the slower you should vacuum. The reason is quick vacuuming will be less effective picking up: 

  • Dust
  • Dirt
  • Pollen
  • Dander
  • Food  

Look for Professional Carpet Cleaners

Even if you take steps to keep your carpet clean, you’ll still need to hire a carpet cleaning sydney based company in the capital city of NSW for deep cleaning. They’ll have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to help deal with problems like heavy stains from drinks, food, and pets.  

The frequency you’ll need to clean the carpet varies. In general, you should hire carpet cleaners every 6 to 9 months. However, in situations like after birthday parties, you should consider extra vacuuming.

Use One Door When Tracking in More Stuff 

On days of bad weather or dust storms, try to get your household to use one door. For example, Sydney gets an average of 912 mm of rainfall every year, according to Climate-Data. Thus, using one door requires you to just clean up one doorway. 

Add a Welcome Mat in Front of Your Home 

This isn’t just a way to welcome guests to your Sydney home, but it’s  also an effective way to help prevent people from tracking in dirt, mud, and other nasty stuff into your home. 

One possible issue with a welcome mat is there’s a chance some people won’t wipe their feet on them. Make sure to remind family, mates, and guests to take this basic step.

An alternative is to make your entire home a no-shoe zone. This gives family members and guests the option to wear slippers, socks, or go barefoot. All these options will reduce how fast dirt builds up on your carpeting. 

Add an Area Rug in High-traffic Areas    

You could add a rug in places where there’s a lot of foot traffic. This might seem odd at first since the carpeting itself isn’t treated. The step is practical because it can help to prevent people from tracking dirt, mud, etc., from outdoors onto the carpeting. 

The caveat is rugs can get dirty just like carpets. Thus, it’s critical to shake out, vacuum, and wash the rug periodically to make it more effective for picking up dirt and grime. While this activity will take some time and effort, cleaning a rug is much easier than cleaning a carpet through carpet cleaning Sydney. 

Remove Snags Since They can Become Bigger Problems 

Statistics show that about 60% of NSW households have pets, according to RSPCA. If you have pets and/or kids in your carpeted home, you’re more likely to deal with snags. When this happens, it might seem practical to pull it out. 

That’s a bad idea. This action will make it worse. Instead, use scissors to cut the snag so it won’t become a jumbled mess. 

Before your household needs its next carpet cleaning you can take the above-mentioned steps to keep your carpeting as clean as possible. You’ll still need a professional cleaning from time to time. However, maintaining your home’s carpet effectively can help to extend its lifespan and the time between cleanings.

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