Basics of Meal Prepping

Making the decision to meal prep is a big step forward in your physical health. That being said, you may have no clue what meal prepping could be doing to you, or how you should approach it. Luckily, below are some helpful pointers that should help you better understand what is going on with your body, and it should help you meal prep accordingly. 

Pick a day 

The most important part of meal prepping is actually doing it. That may sound obvious, but most people fail at meal prepping before they even start. Most people want to start prepping, and do it impulsively one day and only prep for a week. It is great to start, but make sure you have that day marked on your calendar so you know what day you have to prep for the next week. 

Meal prepping is all about creating healthy habits and sticking to them. So if you start, make sure that you know what day you started on, and make sure that you prep every week on that day. 

How active are you? 

Determining how active you are will be key in determining the two biggest parts of meal prepping: what to eat, and how much to eat. If you meal prep, but you eat once a day and your meal is doritos and ice cream, then what is the point in meal prepping. 

Eating fluctuates on a spectrum of activity. The more active you are, the more you need to eat, and the less active you are the less you need to eat. That being said, there are several small nuances that may help you in this process. For example, never starve yourself. If you are getting in the gym and exercising consistently, but you can’t see results, it could be because you are on a starvation diet. 

Meal prepping for starvation diets is the monetary equivalent of lighting money on fire. In other words, you are wasting your time! If you are hungry, then eat. But, making sure that you are eating nutritious foods consistently will be crucial to seeing your progress. 

If you are on a starvation diet what your body is doing is going into starvation mode. What this means is that the little food that you are eating is being stored into fat because your body thinks you are starving. Your body is trying to preserve energy so the workouts that you are doing will be much less effective as well. 

Spice things up 

Make sure that you aren’t meal prepping the same three to five meals, depending on how active you are, for every day that week. Doing that will allow you to get easily bored and want to go out to McDonald’s to eat something different. 


Make different foods and meals for different days, and don’t be afraid to try new things. 

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