The Benefits of Adding Fencing to Your Property

Most people probably don’t give too much thought to fencing off their property. Perhaps there was already some fencing in place when you bought your home, or maybe you’ve never had any proper structure separating your property from your neighbors.

If you’re thinking about installing a block wall fence on your property, you’ll need the fencing Mesa AZ contractor to do the job.

However, there are numerous benefits to adding fencing to a property, and they go far beyond aesthetics. Adding fencing to your property might even help you to sell it down the line when that time comes.

There are some excellent reasons to think about adding fencing to your front and back gardens. So, if you were considering making some home upgrades, here is why fencing might be the one you should add first. 

Fences add safety

You can read below how fencing can add security to your home, but it can also add an element of safety.

Fencing can help to provide a safe environment for your child to play in, where they are limited to your property and unable to get outside.

Fences can also protect children from dangerous features in the garden such as swimming pools. One of the best ideas to keep your pool safe for the family is to add some fencing around it. While this may not sound very attractive, there are some very modern glass fences for pools nowadays.

Weather protection

Fences can to a degree act as windbreaks. Therefore fencing can add protection to your plants and flowers, as well as patio furniture and the garden in general.

Depending on how tall your fence is, you may also gain some shade from the sun at certain times of the day. 

Fences add privacy

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons for adding fencing is to increase the level of privacy that a homeowner has. Fencing can keep the outside world where it belongs, and mean sunbathing is possible without prying eyes.

Adding some True Built Fencing can mean turning a backyard into a private area for just you and your family to enjoy. Anyone whose backyard has an alleyway or street behind would benefit from fencing in this aspect.

Fencing keeps your pets inside

While fencing can help make sure your child doesn’t venture too far, it can also do the same for your pets to some degree.

A dog or rabbit for instance would be able to enjoy the backyard without you worrying about them escaping. However, no fence is keeping a cat inside. 

Fencing will increase your security levels

Crime is one of the biggest concerns of any homeowner, and anything that can help secure a home should be considered. Burglary is the third most commonly reported crime in the USA according to Statista. They report there are 314 incidences of burglary per 100,000 residents.

Anything that makes entry more difficult for a burglar is a good idea. Simply adding lighting and fencing can make a home less attractive to someone looking for a target. 

Fencing adds clear boundaries

As this subheading says, adding some fencing can make it clear where your property and your neighbor’s meet. This is actually important to know when putting in fencing so that you don’t accidentally encroach onto your neighbor’s land. 

Fencing can be used to light up the garden

Ok, so fences can’t light anything up themselves but they can be used to mount lights. Investing in some solar fence lights for your property will see your backyard transformed at night.

Solar lights are great for gardens as they won’t add to your utility bill but they can make your backyard a great area to use in the evenings for relaxing in. 

Fences will push up the value of your home

After privacy and security, the next best advantage to installing fencing is that it can be a solid investment. While you will never get a huge ROI from adding fences, you will get some return.

Some reports say that you could expect to recoup around 50% of what you spend on fencing when it comes to selling the home. The National Post reported that some outdoor structures can add value to a home, and fences were one of them.

Many outdoor structures will add no value to a home, but decking and fencing were two that are worth including. Fences are known to increase the curb appeal of a property that is up for sale. Fences show potential buyers that the home is secure and private. 


There are a number of benefits to adding fencing to any residential property, and here are just some of them.

Most likely the privacy, safety, security, and partial return on investment, will be appealing. However, adding fencing can also create an area for socializing, and gathering.

You can turn your backyard from a rectangle of space into a pretty, illuminated garden for a summer BBQ and drinks for your friends and family just by adding fencing and solar lights.