What Household Items Can You Try Before Calling Pest Control Services

A healthy landscape is among the most natural and successful pest control homeowners can strive for. Pests are least attracted to foliage that is thriving and healthy. When a vigorous plant is attacked, it has the capacity to defend itself and a better chance of recovery. Go here for easy pest control tips.

In a natural environment, the beneficial insects can develop populations and then do the work of ridding the garden of the not-so-good ones. The downside to using natural methods for pest control is that the techniques don’t work as fast as other methods. That doesn’t mean they’re ineffective, only that they take some time and patience on the gardener’s part.

Unfortunately, bugs can make their way into the household as well. Many species of insects live in the home than people would care to know and probably resided there long before you did. 

The idea is to keep these populations under control. That can be made a bit easier with some simple solutions from around the home before you decide to call pest control services for assistance. 

If an infestation forms, it’s better to let the professionals take over. These experts are versed in using natural treatments that won’t cause harm to those living in the household but will quickly eradicate the pest problem. 

Natural Household Treatments For Pest Control

Insects are not all bad. If we have to live with a few of them, it’s better to have the good ones around that will help to keep the nasty ones away. How will you know which is which? Do a little research to learn which bugs are beneficial before you start eliminating every insect you see.

Inside the home, most people want to keep the bugs away and do so as naturally and healthily as possible. If you have an infestation of a particular species, the best and fastest approach is with a pest control service. 

The professionals can implement natural products to avoid harm coming to those living in the home. Learn a few things the exterminator won’t tell you at https://www.bobvila.com/slideshow/8-things-the-exterminator-wont-tell-you-for-free-51715/. If you’re seeing a few bugs and want to try some at-home remedies before reaching out for help, there are household items that can help eradicate some species. Check these out.

  • Pesky flies detest basil

Flies can be a genuine nuisance in the spring and summer. They will land on top of your food while you’re trying to enjoy dinner, fly into your face, and buzz around throughout the house like they own it. Still, the moment you bring out the basil, it stops them in their tracks.

The nasty little creatures don’t like the smell of the herb. If you sit some strategically placed bowls near the windows or on a table by the door, you can eliminate the worry of flies coming into the home, and it adds a nice ambiance to the household. 

You can also rub the dried leaves after placing them in a small sac around doorways.

  • Ants and dish soap

Ants don’t seem to be necessarily harmful bugs, but they can become annoying creatures. They’re generally found where they know there is food, so you should be mindful of not leaving items lying out. 

While the insect appears to be innocent enough, it can create problems by contaminating the food you eat, and these bugs will damage the wood. It’s vital to rid your property of what can turn out to be a destructive creature.

Using plain dish soap and water in a spray bottle serves as a natural ant killer. When you shake the mixture together before spraying it in the areas where you notice the most ant population, it will help eliminate the issue.

  • Citrus and spiders

Many people have a real phobia of spiders, finding it particularly alarming the sheer number of varied species and that they can hide so easily in the home. 

The suggestion is that many spiders are harmless to humans since their bites aren’t poisonous. Still, most would feel better wiping these “monsters” from our households and not ever seeing another one come in again.

The indication is that citrus (either lemon or lime) and water in a spray bottle are ways to creep the nasty creature out of the house. It would help if you sprayed it on surfaces where you’ve noticed spider activity. 

Generally, the insect likes to hang out in corners throughout the household. One thing in their favor (even though not a big spider fan) is they do note beneficial bugs that lurk around. 

  • Cockroach Concoction

Among the worst bugs to find in a home is the dreaded cockroach. Regardless of how clean, neat, and organized your household is, these creatures can appear without warning. 

Roach spray is not a good solution, especially if there are small children or pets in the home. There is often a resultant residue, plus the substances are toxic if ingested.

There is a natural trap you can make to kill bugs, including the roach. Fill the bottom of the empty wine bottle with maple syrup and use cooking oil to rub over the top of the bottle. The roaches will then become trapped and die.

Final Thought

You’ll find many more household solutions that can help you remedy bug problems. Some might take a few applications before the creatures disappear entirely. It takes persistence and patience when using homemade recipes. 

That doesn’t mean these methods are ineffective; they just take a bit more time. See here tips for controlling pests in and surrounding your home.

Again, the ideal solution for insect problems that might have reached the infestation level is to contact a professional pest control service. The providers can ensure that the issues are eradicated wholly and quickly. 

The experts are able to provide products that are natural and not harmful to anyone living in the home, including pets. 

Remember, some of the insects you live with might be good for keeping some nasty bugs away. Do a bit of research to see why you should consider keeping one or two of the species around for good measure.

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