The Pros of Professionals: 8 Reasons to Hire a Professional Mover

Moving is never easy, but it’s much more complicated when you take it as a solo venture. By hiring a professional moving team from is the best way to go when you have a lot to carry and a heavy investment in seeing the job done right. 

Moving help can extend to your garage as well as your house. For example, just like you wouldn’t want to carry a baby grand piano yourself, you’ll probably want help transporting your vehicles across state lines. If that’s the case, look for an experienced car shipping service like Guardian Auto Transport ( These are a better alternative to trekking your car across the country with a backseat full of boxes and children. 

If you’re still tempted to DIY your relocation, here are eight reasons why it might be wise to hire a professional mover. 

Avoid Damaging Items

No one is going to be more careful with your things than an experienced moving company. These professionals base their reputation and income around delivering your possessions in perfect security. Moving employees know how to handle items of any shape, weight, and fragility. 

Many moving companies guarantee safe delivery, or they’ll replace the price of whatever they break, meaning that your move is as risk-free as it’s possible to be. 

You Can’t Hurt Yourself

No one wants to slip a disk moving a TV stand upstairs. Movers wear those back-support belts for a reason, and trying to move without one can put your vertebrae in danger. Professional movers like Watford Moving have the experience and physique for heavy lifting, meaning it’s safer for everyone to let the pros handle the more oversized items.


Friends aren’t exactly enthusiastic when you ask for help with moving. You’re lucky if your unwilling accomplices arrive on time and bring the numbers you expected. With a moving company, you can guarantee punctuality and efficiency regardless of the situation. 

Movers Usually Provide Their Transportation

One of the biggest headaches from moving is renting a vehicle. Almost nobody has a thirteen-foot van or truck just sitting around waiting for the big day. That means you need to visit your local UHaul or another company to get your items from point A to B. 

By contrast, most professional movers will already have a vehicle, so you don’t have to worry about supplying one. Just follow the van in your car and tell them where to put the items once you arrive at the new house. 

Movers Will Place Boxes and Furniture Where You Want

Everyone knows the horror of seeing a mountain-high pile of boxes in one room that you have to sort and distribute throughout the house. 

Your friends and family may be hesitant to help with the distribution, but movers will happily put boxes in different rooms as long as you instruct them and label your boxes appropriately. 

Pros are Faster

Let’s face it. Professionals always know how to get the job done more quickly. Movers will get everything done sooner than a sweat-filled afternoon with your friends and family, leaving you more time to unpack and smell the roses in your new digs.

Movers Have Better Equipment

Beyond the heavy-lifting belts, it’s also unlikely for you to have ramps and dollies at your disposal. These tools can help with moving big and unusually shaped items, and most moving companies have them readily available. 

Move When You Want

Another problem with moving is that you have to work around everyone’s schedule. With a moving company, all you need to do is book the date in advance, and you can move when you want rather than waiting for a day wherein enough helping hands are free and willing. 

Parting Shot

Of course, it’s possible to move on your own, but who needs the stress? The more hands you have to help you, the sooner and happier you can step over your new threshold. 

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