Why Summer Is The Best Time To Get A New Fireplace

Not a lot of people know this, but summer might just be the best time to get a new fireplace. Yes, you read that right. You may be asking, why summer? Isn’t it supposed to be radiant, warm, and, arguably, the best season of the year for people who like mild weather? While that may be the case, it’s still a great idea to start hunting your next fireplace just as the warm days settle in.

Put it this way—it’s just the same as how people would shop for Christmas decors right before the holiday season. Buying things for your home that you know you’ll eventually need in the coming days requires planning and strategizing.

It’s totally fine to decide to shop for a new fireplace around winter. But wait till you know the reasons summer is the best time to do so, and you might just be enlightened and persuaded to head to the nearest store to buy one.

Summer Bargains and Specials

As it’s not the typical time of the year to buy a new fireplace, you’ll most likely chance upon different promotions and summer bargains when out shopping. You can expect winter accessories and furniture to be on sale during warmer months, and that includes fire pits and fireplaces.

If you plan on buying in winter, that’s fine, but there’s a lesser chance that you’ll stumble upon discounts and sales. This is because demand is greater during the winter season, and almost everyone is lining up for a new fireplace Toronto. It’s almost a necessity during cold months. Hence, the price also tends to go up. If you’re good at hunting bargains, you might even end up with bundle deals that offer the unit plus free installation. 

It’s A Good Time to Find an Installation Expert

If you don’t have any experience building or installing the fireplace, you could consider looking for an expert to do it for you. If this is your plan, it’s best to buy your fireplace somewhere during the summer season so that you won’t have a hard time looking for an installer to take care of it. 

Fireplace installers are highly in-demand during peak seasons. They’re busier in those times, and you might find it difficult to avail of the services of an installer that’ll match your schedule and preferences, unlike if you’re going to have the unit installed in a season where these experts are not so busy and can devote their time and skills to help you out. Plus, you can also get a better deal for their services, especially if the fireplace store offers installation in their products, too.

More Time to Plan Ahead

You still have a few months to go before winter finally arrives. With that in mind, you can meticulously and leisurely make time for your winter preparations. You can plan your living room decorations well, and you won’t be out of time to make sure that everything goes as planned, unlike when you’d buy the fireplace the same day that you need to have it installed in your place. The décor might suffer, and it could potentially look like you were cramming or running out of time to decorate the place.

No More Waiting Time

You may have experienced buying or ordering a new fireplace in winter, and you ended up being waitlisted because of backlogs in supplies. That’s because people are starting to rush into buying or replacing their fireplaces, and the availability of stocks is turning scarce. As a result, you’ll be told to wait until new stocks arrive.

Firewood and hot coals burn in a brick fireplace with bright fire

Ordering in summer can change this predicament for you. You don’t have to worry about the unavailability of stocks because very few customers are looking for fireplaces during this time of the year. It’s easier to find one that’ll suit your preferences, and you can take your time to decide.

Warmer Days Despite the Cold

Winter is a beautiful season if you adore the snow. You can get all snuggled near the fireplace and enjoy a mug of hot cocoa topped with marshmallows. For some, this season is the best because of the different adventures that you could enjoy, such as snowboarding and skiing in the mountains.

But when the fun is over, and you’re already home, you’d silently wish for the day (or night) to be a little warmer, more like summer. With a new fireplace up and running, you can get what you wish for—warmer days and nights despite the cold season.

There’s No Better Time Than Now

As you can see, buying a new fireplace during the summer seasons is indeed a wise idea. You get to enjoy bargains and crazy bundle deals since there are lots of stocks available. You’ll have more time to prepare for your holiday decorations, and as soon as you get home after a tiring and freezing day, you can be warm and all cozy by the fireplace.

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