What Is the Right Size Solar System for Me

Investing in solar is one of the best decisions a homeowner can make. Solar power systems are easy to purchase and install. You will also get a great price discount thanks to government rebates. The most important is to ensure that you buy the right size solar system for your home.

When you get the sizing right, you can enjoy superior savings on your quarterly power bills. In Australia, the most popular size of solar system for use at home is the 6.6 kw/h solar system. It will provide you with the right amount of power you need for your home.

The 6.6 kw/h solar system is the most common for the average size home in Australia. If you have a larger or smaller home than the average, you need to get the right size solar system for your home. Here is how to choose the best size solar system for your home.

Factors To Consider When Choosing The Right Size Of Solar System

Power Usage

To purchase the right size solar system for your home, you need to know how much power you use daily in kw/h.

You can check your power usage on your power bill. You will need at least all your power bills for the year to get the correct usage figures.

If you make wrong calculations on power usage, you may end up buying the wrong size solar system.

 Purchase a solar system that can generate the amount of power you get from your calculations. On average, an Australian home needs about 24 kw/h every day. For this reason, the 6kw/h solar system is the most popular.

A solar panel produces a daily power output 4 times the size indicated on the solar panels.

Number of Hours of Sunshine

When deciding the size of the solar system you need, consider the hours of sunshine you get in your region. The more hours of sun you get means that you don’t need a large solar system. The fewer hours you need, the larger the system you need.

Solar panels produce power depending on how long the sun shines on them. Longer hours of intense sunshine on your solar panel means a larger power output.

If you are not at home during the day, you need a battery to store all the power produced that you can use at night.


Solar systems are a costly investment for your home. However, they are a necessity in a world of rising power bills. As an investment, the solar system you install will have a 3 to 4 years payback period. You will enjoy large savings in your power bill to see the return.

When buying a solar system, you must buy one that you can afford. Different sizes of solar systems cost differently. The larger the solar system you want to buy, the more it costs.

Therefore, have the right power usage calculations before you buy your solar panels. Then budget for a solar system fit for your needs. Talk to several installation experts and settle on the one who offers the right size of a solar system for your budget. 


Roof Size And Slope

The size of the roof and the angle of its slope is a major consideration of the size of the solar system you can buy.

The larger a solar system is, the more solar panels it needs. If your power usage calculations indicate you need a large size system, make sure you have the roof space to accommodate it.

How your roof slopes will determine the location of the solar panel on the roof. More importantly, it also determines how much sun your solar panels receive.

You will need to get advice from an expert solar installer on the best location for your solar panels. To get the most from your solar panels, your installer will ensure that your solar panels are not shaded by trees around your home.

If your roof is shaded, your solar installer can advise on alternatives. They can help you pick smaller panels with higher efficiency. These will then be installed on your roof and you will have an efficient solar system that produces more power from the sunshine it receives.

Do You Need To Store Power

If you need to store the power produced by your solar system, you may need to purchase a larger system than you need.

To store solar power, you need to include a battery in your installation. The battery is about the same price as your solar system. This will double the cost of purchase.

If you include a battery in your system, you can store up the excess power from your solar system. You can then feed the power into the grid at already specified rates.

Power storage and the subsequent feeding into the grid also goes a long way in ensuring you make large savings on your power bill.

Benefits Of Getting The Right Size Solar System For Your Home

Reduce Your Power Bills

When you have the right size solar system, you produce enough power for your household needs. This means that you can easily eliminate your full power bill.

As the power bill keeps on rising, the right size solar panel will help you make great savings. Using all the power produced by your solar panels sees you reducing the need for electricity. As a result, your electricity bill reduces to almost zero.

You Don’t Have Excess Power Produced

When you have the right size of a solar system for your house, you can consume all the power it produces daily. This saves you the extra expense of purchasing a battery to save any excess power output.

A battery makes your solar system more expensive. However, a battery ensures that you can store excess power and feed it into the grid at rates that offset any electricity you may use.

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