How To Remove Fluoride From Your Drinking Water

Fluoride is a monatomic anion of Fluorine existing naturally in foods, water, and soil. Recently, interests have arisen due to the mineral’s adverse effects on human and animal health.

Are you worried that you may be consuming fluoride in the next glass of water? Are you aware of the effect of fluoride on your health if consumed in large quantities? If your answer is yes, then you could be searching on how to use a fluoride filter to eliminate the compound.

Intake of Fluoride in large quantities can cause health problems. Researchers have identified that fluoride’s excessive intake is a significant cause of low Intelligent Quotient and slows brain cells’ development. Various methods are used to treat water, such as boiling, filtering, and decanting. However, the processes cannot eliminate fluoride from drinking water. Consequently, you may think that the application of carbon pitchers or water tap attachments could help. But you will still get it wrong.

To solve the fluoride problem, you need to identify the best fluoride filters to remove them from water effectively. The following are some of the popular fluoride filters used to get rid of fluoride in water:

Reverse Osmosis

Among the most effective methods to purify water and eliminate over 90% of fluoride is the Reverse Osmosis system. Though costly, it offers you the two most effective options to choose from when installing; the under-sink RO and the countertop RO system. The two processes are modified to smoothly work with your regular home plumbing system and provide pure water for drinking and cooking. To get the best results from this system, you need to ensure regular maintenance.


Are you looking for a cheap yet effective water purification system? This traditional method rings the bell. With countertop water distillers’ availability, you can be sure of 99.99% of safe domestic water. The distillers are easy to operate and maintain. Like the traditional way, steam from boiling water is collected in a separate container with the first containing fluoride residue. The process is effective and effortless to set up. 

Fluoride Water Filter Pitcher

Whenever I think of Fluoride-free water, I think of fluoride water pitchers. The method is easy to use, portable because of size, and convenient to install. It’s the most common household system. Finding a jug-like pitcher is an excellent choice for families because they’re reliable in removing fluoride and other impurities. You want to have some time for other house tasks, buy this pitcher and work all day at peace.

Bone Char Carbon

As the name suggests, Bone Char is a system that involves heating animal bones to 1292 degrees Celsius. Are you a vegan? Bone Char may not serve you best. Though this process is one of the oldest, it effectively manages Fluoride concentration in wells, taps, and bathwater up to 90%. Like the following method (activated Alumina), this process performs with water at low pH.

Activated Alumina Absorption

As already mentioned, this method effectively performs under waters between 5-6 pH, and it can remove 98% of fluoride from water. It is the most recent and trusted method to attract Fluoride mineral and other water impurities. Moreover, this system is not the best for long-term use because the amount of activated Alumina is low compared to the fluoride that needs to be filtered. Always check to maintain the system.

Read More at Waterdrop water filter system ensures household drinking water safety.

What are the possible side effects of drinking fluoridated water? Here are some of the possible health issues arising from this mineral’s excessive intake:

Thyroid Problems

Fluoride intake, especially in large doses, can affect the parathyroid gland and consequently alter the parathyroid hormone’s secretion. Lack of this hormone can lead to low calcium levels, rendering bones to possible fractures.

Neurological Problems

Expectant mothers exposed to excess fluoride are at risk of conceiving low IQ babies. Studies indicate fluoride as a neurotoxin, a chemical that destroys children’s mental development.

Tooth and Bone Damage

Fluoride is a major cause of dental fluorosis. You can regain your teeth’ strength by reducing levels of fluoride intake. Other health concerns include skin problems, cardiovascular issues, fertility failures, and gastrointestinal problems. Besides, fluoride has harmful chemicals such as sodium fluorosilicate, sodium fluoride, and fluorosilicic acid. These chemicals have been categorized as water pollutants by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

How much Fluoride Should You Take?

While fluoride is essential for teeth and bones, excessive intake can result in health problems. If your domestic water has a high concentration of fluoride anions, consider applying any of the above-proven methods. If you can’t afford a high-quality water filter, then adopt a natural approach to get rid of fluoride. According to the EPA, the maximum concentration in drinking water should be 4 milligrams per liter.

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