How to Bring the Original Look to Your Windows

Window restoration is an excellent alternative to replacing windows, as installation costs significantly more than the cost of all restoration work. 

Benefits of window restoration

  •  improving reliability and technical properties;
  •  improved functional performance;
  •  complete restoration of the aesthetic appearance;
  •  increasing heat and noise insulation;
  •  ease of opening and closing;
  •  low cost in comparison with carrying out a complete replacement of windows.

  When restoration is needed

  The need of it largely depends on the quality of window care.  All windows wear out over time, loose geometry and tightness , this can lead to big troubles, for example, drafts.

How to replace rotted wood around window?

To fix the problem right, you need to know how big the problem is.

So before get started, scrape away some paint to expose the wood. Using  a screwdriver or a small chisel scrape away the rot. Your job is nearly done, if it’s only a small bit of rotted wood.

Now that the rot has been cleared out, you can fill up the gaps. An epoxy wood filler works excellent for this purpose. Just mix it up according to the instructions, jam it into the hole and smooth it out, and then let it dry. Then sand it down and paint over it. 

But if the damage is severe, you need to proceed the next steps.

The only way to deal with sections that are beyond saving is to get rid of them. Cut your losses. Keep the cuts neat and straight. Find suitable replacement wood, shaped in and join to window. Now we get to the fun part: painting. Here you have an opportunity to prevent future rotting by choosing an appropriate paint. Choose durable paint made for outdoor use. At long last, your windows are beautiful again.

How to replace window glass in wooden frame?

Step 1:

First step is to use the measuring tape to ensure that you purchase the correct size glass to fit the frame.  Once you have copied down the measurements, contact a glass supplier and purchase the glass required.  You can take a section of the glass with you if you want to insure yourself, so that the glazier can see they type of glass which you used.  

Step 2:

So you bought the new glass and now you need to remove the broken glass from the frame.  Use the Stanley knife to cut the paint from the window frame.  Be cautious running the knife down the Sash of the window and then use the scraper to pry the Sash from the window frame.  Try to keep the nails within the Sash or save it for later.  Any nails removed need to be collected and used later.  

Step 3:

Remove dust (such as pieces of dirt/dust, wood shavings, or glue) from the window frame using paint scraper. The area should be clear of  any items which will stop the window from making a good seal. Carefully place the new window into the frame. Take the top Sash and place it into place, carefully hammer the nails into place.  You need to do it carefully so that you don’t break the window. If there is a bad seal on the window use putty to prevent any moisture from getting through.

Now admire the great work you have done.

How to replace rotted window frame?

1.Remove the Trim

Remove the aluminum trim as well, and be careful not to damage the siding. Save pieces to reuse.

Also remove any trim material to expose the nails that hold the window in place.

Inside the house use the reciprocating saw to cut through the nails. Have a helper to make sure the window does not fall out. 

2.Remove the Old Sill

Remove the old sill using chisel and hammer.

Mark the center of the old sill so the new window will be centered. 

3.Form the New Sill

Re-nail the old sill to reinforce it.

Then form the new sill.

Drag the center line down the new sill using a square, and make the new markings for installing the new window.

4.Attach the Framing

It’s time to put up the new framing in place. Simply nail in the frames on the two sides and top.

5.Calk and Finish the Frame

Calk the layer between the new and old window sill and the corners of the framing. Nail in the false frame in place at the bottom and the stops.

Calk and then it’s time to place the new frame into the rough opening.

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