6 Home Upgrades To Fetch A Higher Price At Auction

If you’re thinking about putting your house at auction in the future, it’s best to start getting ready as soon as possible. For most homeowners, it includes grabbing some tools from the shed and fixing simple repairs. For others, it means calling professionals for the job.

However, although there are different home upgrades you can do to achieve a higher price for your property, you should take note that some upgrades may not be helpful, particularly in a down market. As a matter of fact, there are upgrades that can detract from the asking price once you decide to sell. So, you have to be smart when considering a variety of home upgrades.

Regardless of your preferences and budget, and whether or not you want to weatherproof your property, below are some of the home upgrades and tips you can take into consideration to fetch a higher price at auction.

Yard Lighting And Landscaping

Most buyers prefer an appealing yard. Well, who doesn’t, right?  The best thing about improving your yard is that it doesn’t require too much money.

For better landscaping results, invest in rocks, new soil, ground cover, shrubs, mulch, and trees to transform your yard. An appealing yard can help sell your house since it invites buyers to imagine themselves spending time outside throughout the season.

If you’re blessed with a green thumb, you can do landscaping on your own. However, it’s always a great idea to ask for help from the experts in landscaping.

If possible, focus on yard lighting since some buyers may prefer visiting your house during night time. With the best night yard lighting, you can create a beautiful garden space.

Open Your Floor Plan

Knocking out the wall creates a spacious layout on the wish lists of the buyers. More often than not, buyers favor open or partially open designs around the dining, kitchen, and living areas

Open arrangements allow more natural light in, making the space more inviting. These also give you a feeling like you have more space. With that said, a house still requires structural definition and support between spaces, so consult with an interior designer or contractor before picking up a sledgehammer.

Upgrade Your Internal Lighting Fixtures

The cost of the lighting fixtures may vary greatly. However, if you have some old-fashioned hanging lights with a paper lampshade, it’s time for an upgrade.

When selling your house, lighting is crucial since no buyer would want to live in a darker space. Downlights look great in lighting and most environments, and can be used when playing up some pieces of decorations in the house. Energy-efficient lighting can also boost a home’s appeal.

Consider Smart Technologies

With today’s advancement in technology, many buyers prefer safety-enhancing gadgets in their new homes. Such smart devices include fire detectors, thermostats, security cameras, lighting, door locks, and carbon monoxide detectors.

While smart technology doesn’t increase your home’s value, it may add more appeal for your buyers, and most of them are more likely to pay for such items. When compared to other home upgrades, smart technologies cost less.

Interior Painting

Another way to make your house more appealing is to paint your walls. Nothing makes your house feel clean and fresh like a new coat of pain.

Repaint your doors and trim with a semi-gloss. You should also paint your cabinets, especially if they look dated or shabby. Then, paint the walls that should be toned down. If possible, stick to taupes, blues, and soft greens. It takes your house to a new level and provides your property a new feeling.

Young couple painting wall indoors. Home repair

If you’re confused about the color of paint to consider, it’s wise to get a color consultation to get the right color for your house since the colors must compliment fixed elements, including cabinets and flooring. If you like to know about more paint colors, ask experts or professionals for help about the right paint color when selling your house.

Kitchen Upgrades

One of the most crucial communal areas of any house is the kitchen. Buyers like a functional workspace that includes bench-tops, cupboards, and good taps.

For sellers, it’s a common mistake to overdo kitchen upgrades with marble or granite bench tops and stainless steel appliances. Even if they look modern and sleek, several buyers will be turned off by such upgrades because they’ll assume that the house will be more expensive. So, instead of considering an expensive investment, ensure that your appliances are still functional, and your kitchen looks attractive and tidy.


If you’ve already decided to sell your property and have it listed as soon as possible, make sure to consider the above home upgrades to get a higher price for property. To get your desired results, spend more time making a plan that fits your budget, resources, and goals.

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