Lighting: The Secret Ingredient to a Cozier Home

When it comes to cultivating a welcoming and comfortable space, people talk a lot about decor, color, and layout. What no one talks about nearly enough is lighting. No matter what space you’re working with or the budget you have, tweaking lighting is the fastest and least expensive way of updating your home. The following will explore some lighting tips and tricks that can help boost the good vibes in your space.

Maximize Natural Lighting

Before we dive into your home lighting setup, we need to take a second to talk about natural lighting. This is any of the light that comes through your windows from the sun or the moon on those bright, full moon nights. It turns out that natural lighting is fantastic for your health. It boosts your vitamin D levels, balances out your circadian rhythm (which levels out your hormones and improves your sleep), and improves your mood. That’s a ton of bonuses.

It also looks gorgeous in your space. To maximize natural light, keep those blinds and curtains open during the day. Consider moving mirrors opposite windows to multiply the light available. You can also find window trinkets for next to nothing that scatters the light across the room, sometimes even creating those Instagram-worthy rainbow effects. Have a quick look at the dollar store or online for suncatchers; you’ll be shocked by how inexpensive they are.

Replace Old Bulbs

When it comes to the artificial lighting in your home, a quick bulb replacement can drastically improve your space while also saving you money. Newer bulbs tend to be more energy-efficient which means your utility bill isn’t going to be as rough; they also tend to be cooler, making them safer for kids who stick their fingers everywhere and an optimal choice if you live in a hot environment and don’t want to add any more heat into the mix. 

If you’ve got some oddly shaped bulbs or lights in your home, take out the old bulb and read its name. You should be able to find a replacement online as there are countless lighting stores, and this website will give you an idea of what’s out there. The possibilities are endless. When selecting new bulbs, you want to pay attention to the colors available. All light bulbs have a bit of a tint, and this tint is what changes the mood of your space drastically. Go too bright and white, and you’ll end up with dentist office lighting (that showcases every bump and wrinkle on even the most gorgeous skin). 

Go too orange, and while space will be warm and cozy, it might be hard to focus on smaller things like reading or puzzles, and you might end up feeling more sleepy than usual. Go too blue, and the space feels sad, like an office building that everyone wants to leave but can’t afford to. Many lightbulbs come in natural daylight mimicking color—this is probably your best bet unless you have a specific vibe you’re going for.

Consider Dimming Switches

If you’re looking to spend a teeny bit more, you might want to look into getting your light switches replaced with dimming switches. These will allow you to control how much light the bulbs are expressing. Not only does this allow for some lovely mood lighting that’s cozy and cuddly when you need it and bright and cheery when you want to see clearly what you’re doing, but it can also help the kids wind down before bed (bright lights keep kids awake).

Add More Lamps

If you’re looking to give your space even more of a spruce up and have the money, you might want to find some new lamps to include in your home. Dark corners or hallways might only need a table lamp to drastically change. Don’t think you need to go crazy expensive to pull this off either. Second-hand shops are full of floor and table lamps with vibrant personality for a comically low price. 

Most department stores also carry less expensive versions of trending lamp styles. Nothing freshens up a room and leaves a space with a welcoming feel like good lighting.

The above tips should help you utilize the power of light in your home, no matter your budget or the shape of your space. Lighting can often mean the difference between the room everyone tends to gravitate away from and a space that friends never want to leave when they come over; once you begin to see the results, you’re going to be paying attention to lighting wherever you go. That restaurant you love sitting in? Maybe the lighting is part of that easy-going mood. That friend’s cottage that instantly rejuvenates you the moment you walk in? Take note of the lights.

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