Why kitchen appliances should be maintained regularly

When you have a few moments spare, it’s great to do some essential maintenance on your kitchen appliances to round out your spring cleaning. Most of us like to put off appliance maintenance for another day, but the benefits are far too important compared to the effort, plus you can save lots of money by replacing your appliance spare parts.

Learn why regular maintenance and replacement of minor parts can save you cash.

  • Delay your need to replace appliances and increase the lifespan of your appliances and them, saving you time and money
  • reduce energy bills when your appliances are running efficiently.
  • When you regularly replace small parts, you can prevent large costly repairs.

Our tips for kitchen appliance maintenance

It’s easy to maintain your kitchen appliances, and if you learn to do it yourself, it’s a skill that will continue to save you money annually. You don’t even need to be a skilled handyman, either. Always ensure you have disconnected the power and turned off the water before working on your appliances.

How to maintain your refrigerator

Fridge coil – You should also check whether the coil is one of your fridge parts that need replacing. The coil is at the rear or bottom of the refrigerator, and while they are relatively cheap to replace compared to purchasing a new appliance, they are crucial to the performance of your fridge. The coil’s function is to condense warm air and lower the temperature by circulating coolant, essentially keeping your fridge cold.

Fridge door seal – the door seal to your fridge plays a crucial role and is a low-cost part you can replace that will extend its life and improve efficiency. However, if the seal is damaged and isn’t creating an airproof seal, it can cause the temperature inside your fridge to fluctuate, which can have a dangerous impact on your food.

Why should I replace a damaged seal or coil in your fridge?

  • Ensure the uniform temperature in your fridge
  • Running more efficiently will also extend the life of your fridge
  • Reduce power costs by running more efficiently

How to perform maintenance on your oven

Oven globe – this is such a straightforward task, but many put it in the too-hard basket or call someone to replace the globe for them.

Why should I replace my oven globe?

  • Reduce the number of times you open the oven door to check your food – which reduces hot air escaping and increases your energy bill

Oven door seal – The door seal on your oven is like the door seal on your fridge; if it’s not creating an effective seal, your appliance isn’t operating efficiently. A gap in the seal can cause hot air to escape the oven cavity resulting in wasted energy and inconsistent cooking times.

Why should I replace my door seal

  • Decrease energy bills
  • Avoid undercooked and unevenly cooked food
  • Avoid the risk of gas leaking out of the oven and into your home

How to maintain your dishwasher

Dishwasher filter – a damaged filter in your dishwasher can cause inadequate performance in your appliance. While regular cleaning is beneficial, sometimes the filter needs replacing due to heavy wear and tear or if a broken dish or unsecured utensil ends up in the wrong place.

Why should I replace my dishwasher filter?

  • Increased performance – prevents grotty glassware and dishes
  • Avoid bad smelling dishwasher and dishes

Dishwasher door seals – once again, the door seals significantly affect your appliance’s performance. You will quickly learn if this is one of the parts you need to replace on your dishwasher as it can cause water to leak onto your kitchen floor.

Why should I replace my dishwasher door seal?

  • Steam leaking from your dishwasher can warp or crack your surrounding benchtops and develop mould in your kitchen
  • Avoid your dishwasher from leaking water

Need advice on the best replacement parts?

Here at Wayne’s Wholesale Spares, we stock a massive range of generic and branded parts for all kitchen appliances. For more information on repairing and maintaining your appliances, check out the appliance tips on our website. For friendly expert advice on all your kitchen appliance spare parts needs, call us now – we’re here to help.