WiFi-Enabled Cameras Make Security Easy

When security cameras were initially invented they were very primitive technologies that involved significant setup and a large quantity of ongoing resources to function. From large batteries that needed a considerable amount of power through to needing a wired internet connection to transfer the data, they were capturing. They were quite expensive and out of reach for most people.

However, newer technology has meant that security cameras can be both much smaller and much more adaptable to different environments. In this article, we explore some of the revolutionary Wi-Fi-enabled security cameras and what they mean for your ability to make security much easier than it ever has been.

Please note: Different states and territories have different laws regarding who you are allowed to film and in what circumstance and what permissions you need to do so. Please ensure you do research regarding the location and situation in which you plan to use security monitors to ensure you are abiding by relevant laws and legislation.

Improvements In Accessing Security Footage

The first security cameras recorded the footage that they captured onto some form of videotape or hard drive storage. Similar to a traditional video camera they would record their footage for a period of time and then automatically overwrote that footage unless the footage was retrieved prior to that point in time for analysis.

The next big evolution was when internet speeds made it possible for that video footage to be transferred through data cabling back to a central location for monitoring and recording where necessary. This meant that one person in a room with multiple monitors could keep track of a significant area on their own.

However, for this to happen, there were multiple technological requirements. Firstly, there had to be cabling available and a high-speed internet connection, both of which could prove quite costly to maintain and very expensive to install in many cases.

Recent iterations of security cameras have now enabled Wi-Fi connexion and monitoring. This makes it both easier for the video camera to transmit its footage and easier for somebody to connect to a certain camera and view its live feed. These cameras are readily available online.

Having high-speed data cable to every location you wish to monitor is no longer a requirement. You can set up a single Wi-Fi transmitter and have all the cameras of a location connected to that single Wi-Fi hotspot.

This has meant that security cameras can not only be in more locations with less infrastructure required, but the nature of cameras can change dramatically as well. This has meant that devices can be designed to look like standard office and house items when in reality they are actually security cameras.

Modern Security Camera Examples

Weather Station

Digital weather stations are common household gadgets that have a probe that is exposed to the weather which is then connected and feeds data back to a digital LCD display that is situated inside the home or office. 

These devices are commonplace and do not raise any suspicion or notoriety and you can now buy weather stations that have a combined function as a security camera. Because of the new technology, they can connect to your Wi-Fi network and transmit a constant video feed and audio, if that is connected, about what is happening in the vicinity of the weather station.

Bedside Clock

If you’re wanting to monitor a home-based environment, you can also get bedside alarm clocks that have security camera functions built-in. They look just like a standard digital alarm clock and you can set the time and set your alarm, but they also include security features connected to your Wi-Fi network.

Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers can also now be purchased that double as security devices. The beauty of a Bluetooth speaker is its portability. It could be set up in your lounge room at home or on your desk at work, or something you can take out to a public event.

Being able to record the visual and audio feed anywhere you take your speaker without it being detectable by the untrained eye gives you a lot more capacity to ensure your security in multiple locations.

How Do These Devices Make Security Easier?

The main improvement with these modern security devices is the ability to conceal them in everyday items that people may not be expecting to find security equipment. 

Additionally, the ability to connect to the devices via Wi-Fi and have their battery charged gives you a lot more flexibility in the locations in which you can surveil. 

You are no longer tied down to needing a constant source of power and a source of data cabling, and you can take these devices anywhere.

Final Thoughts

Security has changed forever with the advent of Wi-Fi devices. Where once you needed data cabling to stream back the feed from a security device, you can now do this via Wi-Fi instead.

With these new Wi-Fi Connexions, they can now make security devices that. Combine their purpose with other everyday use cases to give you more flexibility in the way you insure your security.