How to Store a Mattress in a Garage

Mattresses are the biggest articles we have for our luxury after sofas. But keeping them in the right place when you have bought a new one can be difficult and challenging, especially if they are still useful, or you think that some fine day you will reuse it. 

Those who have their garage as their storeroom must think to keep the old mattress in the garage, but how can you place it safely. You know the garage is an open area with no shelves usually, and during rains, there is a high risk of water and floods. So, keeping your fold up foam matters will not be an excellent idea.

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In this article, you will learn a few simple, useful steps that can prove quite fantastic when there is no other space to keep your extra mattress, but you still want to have them in your house. You cannot place the matters as it is; preparing the mattress to be kept in the garage is essential; otherwise, the rodents, the insects, and the weather can destroy your mattress.

Steps for Storing a Mattress

Mattresses are a type of investment; you cannot buy a new mattress every month or year. A mattress lasts for more than three years. So, while buying them, you should keep it as an investment for your house and luxury.  

Clean the Mattress

Without ensuring that the old mattress is clean, you should not keep it anywhere. You can use a high-quality vacuum cleaner to clean it. If you have time and are thinking of maintaining mattresses for a longer period, then the detergent cleaning is crucial. You can use some fantastic and useful upholstery cleaners to wash mattress.  

This cleaning activity’s sole purpose is to ensure that there are no spores of mold or fungus in the mattress, those who live in a humid area like Brazil, Hawaii, Puerto Rico they must wash the mattress to avoid any inconvenience. After washing it, put it outside for air drying, do not place it under direct sunlight to prevent destroying your mattress’s colors and texture.

Wrap The Mattress 

You can use a big plastic bag, available at any nearby store, or buy a plastic sheet and roll the mattress around it. Do not use any pins to fix the plastic wrap; instead of pins or threats, you should use tapes.

Place The Mattress Away.

You should not place the mattress near any heavy object, to avoid the breaking of mattress springs. Moreover, do not put the mattress upright; this way, the mattress will become saggy. Always put it flat to avoid any destruction.

Renew The Mattress 

Now when you are thinking of taking out and use the mattress, you can renew it. Sometimes even if you have secured it properly in the garage, you feel a rotten smell. To restore the mattress, you may either use the baking soda solution or use the upholstery cleaners.

  • You need to sprinkle the upholstery cleaner, detergent, or baking powder over the mattress. 
  • Then use a vacuum cleaner to clean it, do not use water. 
  • You should take out the mattress a day before you use it so that it may dry in the fresh air.


Storing a mattress in a garage is a confusing task because garages are not designed to keep mattresses or some cushions. Someone might think to keep mattresses in stores, but if your store is not very big, then the above-mentioned method of wrapping the mattress in a plastic sheet is the only option to keep the mattress safe.