How to Give Your Home a Fresh New Look

Thinking about sprucing up your home a bit? Then you are reading just the right article. 

It’s natural to want to give your home a facelift every so often and flowers should certainly be on your makeover list. Unlike many other decor items, you are not limited when it comes to floral arrangements. You get to choose from a wide range of beautiful flowers that can easily complement your home’s theme and colors. 

In this post, I’ll walk you through some excellent ways to give your home a fresh feel with flowers. Ready? Let’s dig in.

Keep Your Preferred Style in Mind

Your goal is to have your home looking nice and fresh, not loud and disorienting. You don’t necessarily have to match the floral decor to the interior of your home. There’s no hard and fast rule that requires you match a pink interior to a pink rose, for instance.

What you should be doing is simply ensuring that the floral arrangement complements the interior. For instance, if the interior color is a palette of soft reds, you can select a stronger shade of red orchids to grab attention subtly. That way, the design catches the eye without being too loud. 

Maintain a Certain Level of Continuity

One way to keep your home looking fresh and dazzling is to decorate using seasonal flowers. Seasonal flowers evoke memories of moments spent in a room at some particular point in time. 

You can begin with soft-colored flowers to keep a simple harmony. With time, you can build up your palette to include more vibrant hues, then eventually having the floral arrangement dominate your interior decor. 

This level of continuity always helps you maintain a fresh look for your home.

Be Creative

Flowers should be placed in locations where you spend most of your time and where they can be fully appreciated. No one is going to check out the decor beneath your stairs. 

Display huge and stunning designs on your entrance table, for instance, to have an impact when guests enter the house. You can keep low and glamorous designs along the dining table, across the living rooms, and on bedside tables. 

You can also combine different flowers to create a colorful bouquet. The daisy and lily combination is especially famous among homeowners; however, there is no limit to creativity here. 

Keep Thick Scented Flowers to Personal Space

When decorating your home, keep flowers with thick aromas in your private rooms. This technique allows you to beautify your room while personalizing the space with a particular floral aroma. 

Use vivid yet relaxing hues like blue, lavender, light yellow, and pink with a trace of fragrance in your private spaces. Lavender, chamomile, and mogra are examples of scented flowers with a mild scent as well. David Austin red roses are the best of the lot if you want to create a romantic ambiance.

Final Words

The way you decorate your home says a lot about your lifestyle and attitude. While some people may consider flower decorations just another form of décor that adds beauty and vitality to a space, they are much more. Flower arrangements provide a unique blend of flair and luxury that no other form of decorating can match.

Floral decorations are a way to keep your home looking fresh. Simply have your preferred style in mind, maintain some continuity, be creative and keep those scented flowers to your personal space.