Top Three Interior Designs For Your Babies Room

It’s not hard to find design ideas for baby nurseries when browsing online. With a simple search, you can get access to hundreds of high-quality photos of different baby nurseries that have been designed on a different principle.

In general, the design ideas for baby rooms seem to be oriented on three main potential foundations. 

Baby rooms are typically decorated based on an animal theme, based on a colour theme or some type of pattern.

In this article, we explore all three and provide you with some useful and practical information that will help you settle on an interior designer for your baby’s room.


Animal-themed baby rooms are a very popular choice when designing a baby room because there are so many different ways you can incorporate animals.

You can use animals to do a very playful animated light theme where there are lots of different animals around the walls and they’re interacting in different scenes.  You can also take a more serious approach and have crafted portraits of different animals in a more neutral pose and have those images line the walls.

They are a good option if you want to keep a room gender-neutral because in many cases animals aren’t specifically considered more for boys or for girls.

There are many different types of animals theme you can consider for your baby’s room.

One of the most common types of baby room animal themes is a jungle theme. Jungle themes would include animals such as lions and tigers, snakes and cheetahs, and the characters can be converted into friendly type depictions because the animals are actually quite scary in real life.

A common alternative to a jungle theme is a farm theme. Farm animals typically include things such as cows, sheep, goats, dogs, ducks and even trucks.

But you don’t have to pick a specific theme. You can just order prints of a variety of different animals that you would like to include and then hang them around the room.

Animals are great to have in a baby’s room because young children are very fixated on animals as they develop. If there are many pictures of animals, then this gives the young person something to look at both as they get ready for sleep and as they wake up. 

It also makes an interesting conversation point and selling for the parent to be talking about as they’re getting the baby dressed and changing nappies and playing in the room.

These room furnishings can be complemented with jungle-themed baby clothing from an online store like


Another way that you can decorate your baby’s room is with colour.

Colour plays a very important role in interior design.

Colour has a significant impact on the way a room makes somebody feel.

A dark and heavy colour, such as dark grey over blue, orange, or black can have a negative emotional impact on humans, whereas a lighter colour can have a positive impact on a baby’s mood.

Colors also give you the flexibility to create a very specific gender-focused theme. For example, you can opt for pink top colours if you want to emphasise feminine stylistic choices or you can opt for something more masculine like blue if you’d like it to be considered more of a boy’s room.

There are no rules that you must stick with. You can choose whatever colour for whatever gender you wish. 

But there are also some colours which are considered more gender-neutral. Yellow, for example, is a nice bright colour that has lots of energy that also well-suited to both boys and girls.

You could also mix and match multiple colours together for a special effect. 

Many people find the impact of a feature wall to be a positive addition to the interior design of a baby’s room. A feature wall is where you have a single wall in a room or an area that is a markedly different colour than the other walls.

For example, you may have three walls of a baby room with a simple white or off-white colour, and then one other wall that has a very bold colour.

Whether you put the bed and sleeping area near the coloured wall or near the white wall is totally up to you. Regardless of how you choose to arrange your room around, the accented colour feature wall is a very effective and cheap way to create a stark contrast and stunning visual effect.


Aside from jungle themes and colour themes, you can also use patterns to craft the interior design of your baby’s room.

Patterns are easiest to implement using wallpaper.

There are literally thousands of designs of different wallpapers you can consider, and you can choose to place the wallpaper on a single wall or all walls. You can find patterns to match every single concept you can think of.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to endearing design concepts for baby rooms, there are many different ways you can craft a room. You can implement personality via designs that include animals, strong colours or striking patterns.

With all of these different options, you can change a room in a  minor way or a major way, depending on your budget, skills and expertise.