How To Maintain Your Home Clean After The Construction

Any home construction project such as a renovation will involve many damages and hence plenty of dirt. You want to enjoy the fruits of your labor so cleaning up after the construction will be paramount.

There will be plenty of work to do so; you should adequately prepare for it. Cleaning after a construction project will involve more than removing the debris and wiping off the dust. 

The dirt from a construction project will penetrate the nastiest nooks and crannies in your home. Failure to do a comprehensive job will have disastrous effects in the future.

The following are tips to help you maintain a clean home after the construction:

Create a Cleaning Checklist

There will be plenty to clean after a construction project. Unless you are a memory expert, it will be impossible for you to remember it all. Therefore, you should create a cleaning checklist that will help you stay on task. Carefully go around your house, noting each place that will require cleaning after the construction. You should also note how you will clean the area to do it if you need to pick up some cleaning supplies. You may miss some places and not include them in your checklist, so you should conduct an eye test after cleaning. The checklist is the cleaning plan that will help you maintain a clean home.  

Professional Cleaning Service

If you hire a professional or company for a construction project, you should also hire one for the cleaning. A professional cleaning service will have the knowledge and the experience to clean debris and toxic materials from your home. 

If the construction project in your home was a renovation project, companies in most places offer cleaning services. A post renovation cleaning is a massive undertaking and will require a post-construction cleaning service to do it adequately. There will be details that only professionals will see, leaving you with a clean home. 

It may initially seem expensive to hire a professional cleaning service. However, you can afford to take any chances with post-construction cleaning. There may be hazardous materials that you would be better off letting the professionals handle. 

Carpets and Soft Furniture

When performing a home construction project like a renovation, you will probably cover your furniture and put your carpets & rugs away in storage. However, doing so does not ensure that these items will remain clean. There will be small particles that will be caught in the tiniest crevices of your furniture. The same goes for fabrics such as carpets and curtains.  You will have to clean the carpets and furniture thoroughly using a vacuum. For better results, you should use a handheld vacuum cleaner that will help you reach the deep folds of the furniture and fabric. 

Clean the HVAC System

The HVAC system will collect plenty of dust and dirt after a construction project at home. Therefore, you must clean your ventilation system after such a project. It will also be advisable to change the system’s air filters and ultimately replace them with new ones. 

The dust particles trapped by the air filters during a construction project are likely to clog it entirely. It may not look that bad, but it is better not to take a chance and change them. 

Inhaling such harmful particles and letting them circulate in your home could have severe health effects. 

Even if the construction only occurred in a single room in your house, it will still affect the HVAC system. You should remove all the barriers covering the vents and clean them one by one. Let them dry completely before putting them back. 

Final Touches

If you want to maintain a clean home after a construction project, you should remember that the devil is usually in the details. It would be best if you cleaned even the tiniest of spaces as dust will probably be there. Therefore, clean each fixture in your house, including lighting fixtures like lamps, the blades of the cooling fan, electronic appliances & devices, decorative items, and accessories like mirrors. It is in the most unlikely places that you will have to clean after a construction project. These are the places that are likely to be dirtiest yet also most likely for you to overlook.  

In conclusion, if you decide to undertake a construction project at home, you should be prepared for the aftermath. Serious cleaning will be necessary and will take both time and effort. The above tips should help you maintain a clean house after construction. However, the key is to examine your home and see exactly what needs cleaning.

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