Why Heating Oil Is The Most Reasonable Option For Your House

The winter season can be very harsh and brutal for the most part. Therefore, people usually require some sort of central heating system for their houses, and heating oil today is a commonly used method in many homes amongst various other options. Heating oil is a petroleum-based fuel and is a low viscosity liquid.

Apart from oil; gas and electricity are also very widely used methods in central heating systems in houses today. One would assume that with rising pollution levels burning oil would not be the most desirable option. However, heating oil used today is cleaner and this helps mitigate the serious issue of pollution and release of harmful toxins in the environment.

Advantages of Heating Oil

Here are some of the advantages of using heating oil for your house.

Convenient and Easy

Firstly, the most appealing reason to consider heating oil instead of other ways is that it is widely available throughout. This means that you can easily compare the prices and quality of oil suppliers ensuring the best for you. Various oil suppliers provide home heating oil services paving way for an organized and hassle-free delivery service making this method convenient, practical, and very easy to execute.

Comparatively Less Expensive and Long-Lasting

On average the installation, as well as the constant service fees when it comes to heating oil, are usually always lower than using gas. Even with the increase in oil prices globally, it is still more cost-effective and cheaper. This is primarily because oil furnaces are very long-lasting, the average life expectancy of an oil furnace usually is 25-30 years if it is maintained and kept free of impurities as compared to gas furnaces which usually only remain functional for 15 years or so.

Eco-Friendly And Safe To Use

Rapidly changing technological advancements in the second half of the twentieth century and since then have made oil heating a much safer alternative. This has been made possible by the significant reductions in the sulfur content of oil. Sulfur when burned turns into sulfur dioxide gas (SO2) and this is a very harmful gas for the environment causing acid rain. For the human lungs when inhaled it can also be very damaging. Newer oil heating systems then do not produce any soot or odor.

Effective and Efficient

Newer oil heating systems burn more efficiently as compared to gas. They create around 140,000 BTUs of heat per gallon while natural gas creates 100,000 BTUs of heat per gallon and therefore oil heats much more for the same amount as compared to gas providing your desired heating output more easily and at the same price. New oil heating systems, therefore, are very much effective and efficient to use.

Safer For a House Environment

Oil does not catch fire as easily as gas and has to be very hot to do so. On the other hand, gas is highly flammable and can catch fire even at low temperatures endangering your house and family. This coupled with the fact that heating oil fuel is much cleaner with very less emissions of harmful toxins makes this method very safe, especially for a house.


Oil heating is the most reasonable method and option for a central heating system in your house. As compared to other methods such as using gas, oil heating is cheaper, practical, safe along with being much more effective and efficient.

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