7 Tips for Creating a Supportive Home Environment for the Elderly

Care for a senior loved one isn’t the easiest task. However, it is well worthwhile knowing that you are making their days happy and full. You also want to make them comfortable and bestow onto them all of the love and care that they gave to you. 

If you are caring for them in your own home you might be considering ways to make it a supportive environment for them. Thankfully they’re a lot of assistance tools that can be installed in the home to make their life easier and more comfortable. You want to consider their specific needs when thinking about what to include for them. 

7 Tips For Creating A Senior Friendly Home

Making your home senior-friendly takes some thought and consideration. You want to make sure that the items you choose work for the person it is intended for. You also want to consider things like their stage of mobility. If they have limited mobility you may want to consider care home chairs and other devices to make mobility easier. These are the types of things that will help to make caring for them easier and also allow them to feel supported and happy in their environment. Here are 7 tips for creating a supportive home environment for the elderly. 

1. Manage Entry Ways

One obstacle that can cause major accidents is entryways and walkways. Both often have a step-up feature or some other border that seniors often don’t see or unable to walk over. It is important that you make adjustments to this. Remove them if possible or create a safer way for them to get from one room to the next. You want to make sure that they can safely maneuver around the home. If they are wheelchair-bound this can also pose a problem as some room dividers don’t allow for wheelchairs to pass over easily and some seniors don’t have the strength to propel themselves over it.  

2. Consider A Garage Lift

Something to consider is installing a garage lift. This can be extremely helpful for seniors that have to use a wheelchair or are unable to use the steers. This will make getting from the care to inside the house much easier and vice versa. Again this will give them more freedom in mobility as they don’t have to depend on someone helping them get up and down the stairs. This can sometimes make them feel as if they are a burden. Give them the gift of mobility with a garage lift. As a side note, you can also consider a stair lift inside the home if you aren’t able to provide them with a room on the ground floor. 

3. Install Bathroom Aids

Probably one of the most places you want to make the safest in the bathroom. Every year many seniors suffer major injuries or even lose their lives due to accidents in the bathroom. They may fall and hit their head against the toilet, tub, or bathroom counter edge. You also have the possibility of them slipping while in the bath. This is why you want to install things like handles and other support aids in the bathroom. If possible you can also install a bathtub that is senior-friendly and doesn’t require them to step and over. You want to be able to give them privacy while also making sure that they are safe. Making sure your bathroom has the necessity is the way to do this. 

4. Make Adjustments To Bedrooms

Like the bathroom, you want to make the necessary adjustments in the bedroom as well. Make sure to change things like light switches. A rail to help them get in and out of the bed. Make sure that the floor is soft and if there are carpets that they can’t slip or trip over them. You can also adjust their closets by bringing clothes racks lower and easier to reach. Consider putting shoes in a vertical stand that isn’t too tall so that they won’t have to bend to reach it or stretch too high. You can also install call systems should they need assistance or have an emergency. This way you won’t feel afraid to leave them in their room. 

5. Remodel Your Kitchen

You must makeIf possible you can remodel your kitchen to make life easier for them. However, if it’s out of your budget you can still make some adjustments. You want to give them enough space to get around in. Also, lower counter tops and make space under sinks for wheelchairs. You can also move kitchen items and utensils to drawers and cabinets that are easier for them to reach. Just because they have gotten older it doesn’t mind that they don’t want to still cook and do things for themselves. Keep this in mind as you remodel or restructure your kitchen.  

6. Consider Lighting Options

If your elderly loved one has sight issues then you may want to look at changing the lighting in your home. Change out to push light switches to make it easier on their fingers. You also want to consider things like brightness. You can also install motion sensor lights that help them during the night. It will make getting around a lot safer and ensure that they have a clear vision as they move around during the night hours. The best way to correct the light for them is to ask them directly. Ask what they need to see at their best and make the necessary adjustments. 

7. Outfit Your Outdoor Space For Them 

If your senior loves to be outdoors then you may have to make adjustments to your yard to accommodate them. For example, if they like to garden then considering correcting raised beds that don’t require them to bend and potentially injure their back. You also want to make sure that walkways are non-slip and a covered area to keep them out of the direct sun on especially hot days. Elderly persons are more prone to suffering heatstroke so you want to make sure they have a way to be protected and still enjoy the outdoors. 

Showing love is anticipating meeting the needs of the ones we care about. Making the necessary adjustments will make your elderly loved one feel well taken care of but it will also allow them to take control of their day-to-day lives. You’ll make sure they are safe while giving them the freedom to enjoy life as they always have.

Khuwalid Khalid
Contact at Khuwalid.khalid@gmail.com

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