Plexiglass Strength, Weight and other Properties That Made This Highly Versatile

Are you looking for a lightweight and weather-resistant option to glass? Fab Glass and Mirror may have the perfect solution in our collection of highly versatile acrylic plastic. PLEXIGLASS is the household name for acrylic plastic, which is a transparent thermoplastic, shatter-resistant glass alternative in modern home designs. 

It might interest you to know that acrylic is well suited for diverse applications like glazing, construction, machining, and a whole lot more. In your home, windows, picture frames, furniture, Reef Aquarium, and displays are common places you can create some magic with acrylic.

At Fab Glass and Mirror, we understand that choosing the perfect material for your windows, furniture, and other home designs can prove a daunting task and especially, for first-timers. Below are six reasons why you should consider using acrylic plastic in your next home remodel or new projects. 

Is Plexiglass stronger than Tempered Glass?

Modern homeowners are equal parts concerned about strength and aesthetics. And with glass, strength has always been the issue as there is a common misconception that any transparent material like glass is easily damaged and shattered. You see, tempered glass is treated to avoid shattering. Sneeze guard, on the other hand, can still chip and crack under excessive use. 

Although the nature of glass makes it more resistant to scratches, acrylic plastic is a stronger, lighter alternative that offers more shatter resistance and complete resistance from the elements.

Plexiglas vs Ordinary Glass: Comparison by weight

Weight becomes an issue when you have to order materials online. Shipping materials like glass, you would incur a lot of charges, and fragility of glass is another concern. However, a sheet of acrylic weighs less than a glass of the same dimensions and size, which is an added advantage in reducing shipping and handling costs. 

And even under the high impact, acrylic barely fractures into large blunt-edged pieces that will not cause any injuries. This is an important safety feature when you have kids running around the house and for your bathrooms, enclosures, windows, and sliding doors. 

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Having a design component you have to spend hours cleaning is no easy task. Especially for a busy person like you who barely has enough time to do other important stuff around the home. In that case, it makes perfect sense to opt for an easy-to-clean material for your home design needs. 

Just like glass, acrylic plastic is easy to clean and maintain. It just takes a few minutes each day or every few days to keep it clean. However, to ensure better results, it is advisable to first, ensure the cloth is particle and grit-free as any hard contact with your acrylic could cause scratches and unwanted marks. Cleaning gently is still the best way to clean acrylic plastic. 

As a precaution, ammonia containing cleaners are harmful to Plexiglas. Where you don’t have glass cleaners, soapy water is a great alternative for cleaning. This way, your acrylic is kept in good condition and well-polished.

Custom Cut Acrylic Sheet is So Easy and Safe

Acrylic plastic offers great energy efficiency which other materials like glass and wood lack. In residential homes, designing kitchen backsplash and cabinets with PLEXIGLASS is the latest trend. And especially for modern homes where glass is used in the bulk of the design, acrylic is often the safest option to reduce glare and resist chemical attacks. 

At just over half the weight of glass and almost half the weight of aluminum, acrylic offers a safe, lightweight, and easy to install alternative. With endless design possibilities, it can be sectioned into various shapes and sizes to suit your specific needs. 

 Quite remarkable is the light transmission qualities of acrylic which has endeared it to the hearts of users who employ it in homes to replace the glass and in offices to create a space that reeks of professionalism. Even in rare cases of home accidents, it doesn’t shatter into a thousand pieces like regular glass. 

Can be Utilized for Different Purposes

No other material matches the usability of acrylic plastic. It can be cut in a wide variety of ways and shapes to fit your needs. On the application of heat, it becomes malleable and can be molded into various shapes. Because of its thermoplastic nature, on cooling, it takes any shape which can be drilled, or machined. 

Cost and Benefit Analysis

Perhaps cost is the most important consideration when using PLEXIGLASS for your home design needs. While regular glass is easily recycled and shatter-resistant, acrylic offers more strength and greater resistance to the elements. 

These added characteristics and coupled with the fact that it is a fashion statement make acrylic more expensive than regular glass. Additionally, prices are not solely dependent on thickness and span. Added features like UV and glare reduction also because a little spike in the price of acrylic. 

You see, looking at it from a purely financial angle, regular glass seems to be the more rational choice. However, in the long run, the resistance to erosion and weathering are significantly more important than any money you could save now going for regular glass. 

Whichever you decide on, whether the square, oval, ellipse, or arch, contact us for all your sneeze guard needs