A Perfect Guide to DIY Install Plexiglass Panels for Deck or Balcony Railing

Do you have a beautiful garden in front of your home? Or you can’t resist watching the natural greenery that makes your mind feel at peace. If this is the case, then the Plexiglass railing on your balcony or deck is the best thing for you.

It offers an unobstructed view, while giving a touch of royalty and to the place. If you are looking for a DIY guide to install Plexiglass panels for deck or balcony railing, we are here to help you out.

Tools and Materials for this DIY project

Here are the tools and materials that you’ll need for this DIY project

  • Measurement tape
  • Drill machine
  • Plexiglass railing
  • Glasscutter
  • Screws and bolts

Procedure to install Plexiglas panels

Follow this guide for DIY install plexiglass panels for deck or balcony railing.

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DIY Procedure

1. Measure the dimensions

Measure the dimensions

The first step to install the plexiglass railings is to measure the size that you will need. Make sure you take the right measurements and then order the custom size glass. Moreover, you can use a glass cutter and get your required size if the Plexiglas piece is too big for the railing.

2. Drill the holes

Drill the holes

Drill the holes in the railing poles so that you can attach the plexiglass panel. Then bring the plexiglass panel and mark points on it for making holes.

Lie it on the ground and drill holes on the panel. Each panel will have one hole on either side, you can also make two if the size is big and needs extra support. The holes should match the holes on the railings so they sit well together

3. Attach the panels

Attach the panels

Finally, it’s time to attach the Plexiglas panel to the railing. Bring it close to the railing and then attach the panels on the railings and secure it with the help screws and bolts. Tighten the screws firmly so it doesn’t fall out.

That’s all, your acrylic barriers are installed on the railings. This is an easy DIY task, isn’t it?

If you are confused about the right place to order the Plexiglas panels, Fab Glass and Mirror is the best online shopping destination. You can get custom shapes and sizes here according to your requirements. 

Tips To Keep Plexiglass Railing Clean and Maintained

Acrylic panels require great care and you need to use specific things for cleaning it. If you want to see them in a good condition for long, follow these cleaning tips

1. For light cleaning

For Light Cleaning

For cleaning mild dust, use a microfiber cloth. Wet the cloth and clean the glass panels. Keep washing the cloth before cleaning different areas so the dirt and dust don’t set back on the panels.

2. For tough stains

tough stains

Use any non-abrasive cleaner and spray it on the glass surface. Then allow it to sit on the panels and wipe it off with a microfiber cloth like the one we discussed in the previous step.

What should you skip?


Skip the three A’s which are: ammonia, abrasives, and aromatics. Besides all the benefits, acrylic is a sensitive material. It gets scratches and you shouldn’t use scented cleaning solutions to clean it.

Never use a dry cloth or try cleaning it with bare hands. If you follow a simple cleaning schedule and skip out all the bad stuff, the panels will remain clean and look new for years.

Benefits of Plexiglass panels

Some benefits of using acrylic panels are:

1. Doesn’t break

does not break

The best part of the Plexiglas panels is that they are shatter-resistant. Therefore, if you want a strong material for the railings, acrylic is for you.

2. Solid safety barrier

safety barrior

Acrylic panels offer a strong barrier and prevent you from losing stuff. This is very helpful if you have small kids, so these railings can keep the small toys from falling outside. Moreover, you can also stay safe from accidents because kids can trip and hurt themselves if you don’t have a protective barrier.

3. Affordable


When selecting something for the home interior, the cost is the most crucial factor. However, Plexiglas in color is an affordable material. So, what are you thinking? Get these panels soon and install them in the railings.

Now that we have mentioned the benefits, we hope you know all the right reasons to install them at your place.

4. Drawbacks 


Like every other material, there are some downsides to these panels as well. They aren’t weather-resistant and can fade or discolor due to the exposure to the sun. Therefore, you might have to replace them frequently.

Moreover, Plexiglas is prone to scratches as well, so you need to take care and maintain it well. However, the benefits overcome the drawbacks and make acrylic railings a popular choice for homeowners.


Acrylic railings are a stylish and practical addition to the balconies if you want to enjoy a clear view. With uncompromised safety, the deck looks big and you can enjoy the amazing natural scenery and the landscape outside. We hope this installation guide helps you with your DIY project. The results are going to be terrific and your efforts will shine.