How to Organize Your Files: 4 PDFBear Online Tools That Can Help You

There are two significant uses of PDF files today. The first one is purposely for the business, making PDF file format forms and letting people fill them out. And the second use is for reading digital books since PDF can easily open any document that functions admirably for reading. 

On the off chance that you think that it’s challenging to deal with your PDF files, there is no more reason to stress yourself because there are more convenient and comfortable ways to manage it. Online tools are accessible like the PDFBear platform, in which most of the features you need are available. It’s a reliable tool that most people use, and no need to spend your money because it is free to access. With that, here are the 4 PDFBear tools that can help you with organizing your PDF files. 

PDF Reader 

There are times that you need to access your PDF file quickly, and installing software or turning on your PC will burn-through a great deal of your time. If this is your situation, you can always look for a PDF reader tool online like PDFBear. This tool can help you access, read, and edit any PDF file in minutes. Since PDFBear is online-based, it’s effortless to navigate and you can use all of its features through any browser, device, or operating system.

The PDF reader can give quick access to review any PDF file and print it after editing or make some changes. As a useful and advantageous platform, you can view and read your PDF document’s content on your smartphone or computer without the need to install anything. This one of the accessible features from PDFBear will permit anyone to review their records, alter them, then print with no issue. So here’s how to do the entire process: 

  1. You can select, upload or drag the PDF file into the reader box.
  2. The tool will now begin checking and analyzing the document. 
  3. You can view, share, print, or make some changes to the file.
  4. Lastly, choose the “Download” button and save the newly updated file to any of your devices.

Compress PDF

The top-notch way to compress your PDF file for whatever reasons is to use this tool from PDFBear because it can instantly process all of your documents. One of the worries of everyone when compressing a PDF file is the possibility of losing its quality. Some might think that it’s expected, but there are ways to avoid this. With this PDFBear tool, anyone can compress their PDFs without endangering the documents’ quality. You can directly visit the website of PDFBear to see how convenient and easy-to-navigate it is.

Merge PDF 

It’s simple to merge two different files, but to combine it with multiple documents to change it into a PDF file is quite complicated. But with PDFBear’s merger tool, everything will be much quicker and more comfortable. It is better to have one PDF file for the entire document to save you time from searching all of your documents.

PDFBear tool can instantly merge your file in just a couple of clicks, and your merged PDF file will be ready in no time. They give clear directions so that anyone using the tool won’t get confused about doing the merging process, requiring seconds to merge the PDFs. You can follow these easy and simple steps how to Merge PDF documents: 

  1. First, you need to select all the various documents you need to merge.
  2. Then, the combiner system will connect the chosen documents.
  3. When it is done, you can, in any case, adjust the pages or documents. From that point onward, click the “Combine” or “Merge PDF!” button. 
  4. For about a few seconds, your PDF file is now ready for download. You have the option to either download or share it.

PDF to Excel 

If you are also looking for a tool that can efficiently extract data from a PDF document to Excel, we suggest that you start using the PDF to Excel converter of the PDFBear platform. This platform gives the safest and secure ways to change your files while still preserving the quality. All the features that PDFBear offers are convenient and helpful. 

Depending on the file’s size, the conversion process is quick with this online platform. Here’s how you can convert PDF files to Excel format.

  1. Choose the file you want to convert, and upload it to the website.
  2. Next, the PDF to Excel tool will begin changing your PDFs over to Excel. 
  3. After a second or minute, the converted file will be accessible for you to download. 
  4. After an hour of process, the uploaded file is permanently eliminated.


If your task always requires managing and organizing PDF files, you might want to consider using all the features of PDFBear. You can easily access it to read your files, merge, compress, and even convert in just a few clicks. This way, your life will be more hassle-free and there’s no need to worry about efficiently organizing all of your documents. Plus, you have the option to access it for free or on the Pro Version. The upside to the Pro Version is that it will allow you to access more complete features that PDFBear offers on its website. If you decide to use it now, you can simply visit its website. Start using now!

Muhammad Haseeb
Muhammad Haseeb
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