Introducing Aqua Strong Hood Cleaners: Making Your  Business Shine 

If there is anything the recent unprecedented times have taught  us, it’s that germs can do quite a lot of damage. Within seconds,  we’ve watched the world face not only health issues but also  economic obstacles due to one virus. Cleaning, disinfection, and  cleanliness as a whole have been put on the forefront— and  businesses are taking notice. 

To this end, here in Denver, Colorado, there is one company that  is trying to make a difference for the health of both you and your  business: Aqua Strong Hood Cleaners

Aqua Strong Hood Cleaners is your go-to solution when it  comes to deep cleaning and washing your facility whether it be a  hotel, restaurant, kitchen, food truck, office space or more. From  hood to air ducts to exhaust cleaning to disinfecting grease  containment systems, fans and access controls through pressure  and power washing, Aqua Strong is a one-stop-shop for all  things clean.

Founder Alexander recently opened the franchise so that all  businesses in and around Denver, Colorado can be rest assured  their place is reflective of polished success. Alexander  ultimately wants every Colorado community to feel and look as  fresh as they deserve. 

“First impressions are crucial for branding; the cleanliness and  hazard-free space is imperative for any business who cares about  their customers, employees and potential investors,” he shared.  “I am a proud business owner in Colorado and it is truly my  passion to help other businesses in the community truly shine.” 

Aqua Strong is founded upon the very principle of community.  Alexander himself is an immigrant and came to the United  States in 2018 without any connections or family. He  immediately dove into working, cleaning kitchens to make a  living. He found a deep passion for cleaning, perfectionism  through professionalism and making a space feel like brand new.  After two years, he decided to launch Aqua Strong, a business  that reflects his greatest value of a hard work ethic. 

In this way, Alexander finds that Aqua Strong is not just a  company offering a service but a state of mind. 

“Each company that hires our team of professionals will find  that a safe, healthy environment frees their time to focus on what  matters: the business,” he explained. “Aqua Strong Hood  Cleaners partners with you to ensure your employees are  working in a safe, hazard-free space that meets all safety codes 

and protocols— the start to any good business is its foundation  and we keep yours sparkling.” 

Alexander is excited to help the businesses around Denver feel  and look their best. Finding Colorado a resilient, hard-working  state, this CEO is more than honored to help each one become  the best version of itself. 

Aqua Strong’s team works in a collaborative, strategic process  that first starts with a consultation and is then followed by the  breakdown of what needs to be done and a top to bottom  cleaning approach. This is where from the rooftop of your  business to the very air ducts of the building are all treated with  intense and dedicated care. The expert team checks for grime,  grease, dirt and dust in every nook and corner. 

“At the end of the day, we want your business to be our  business. Our team loves to revamp a company’s space, come  back when needed, and check in to hear how the business is  doing,” Alexander said, smiling. “Our clients truly are our  ‘partners in grime’ and it is such a privilege to clean their space  for the health of their brand— and, in short, the Colorado  community at large.”